miele s4... love at first sight

Yesterday I picked up this lovely new addition...

Over the past few months we have experienced several appliance failures.  First came the laundry pair, next the dishwasher (which is still a work in progress), recently we came to accept that we made yet another vacuum purchase error (that is 3 vacuums in 5 years!!) and thanks to the killer rainstorm that we had on Friday our home phone was blown.

Seriously universe, this is not a good year for all of this!  IVF + ICSI + Twins + Hormonal Woman = one expensive year.

Back to the vacuum... so when we first moved in together after university we bought a condo, a 900 square foot condo which (we thought) only warranted a cheap eureka vacuum from costco.  Well when it started making the carpets dirtier instead of cleaner we knew we'd make a mistake.  So I googled and found that apparently many many people loved the Kenmore Elegance upright vacuum.  Well I don't know who those people are that get kicks out of pushing around something that feels like a rather large and heavy boulder, but I am not one of them.  When we bought this house almost 3 years ago we thought the Kenmore could handle it if we also bought a stick vacuum for all of the hardwood and ceramic.... mistake.  I learned last week that our stick electolux vacuum has an average life expectancy of 1 to 2 years (I think we got a good year and a half out of it).

So here we are, 5 years later, $500+ down the drain.

So the only logical thing to do was to invest (... no more crappy sub par vacuums) in a quality piece of equipment.  Yesterday off I went with my Mom to CardyVac in Ottawa and 30 minutes later left with the Miele S4 special edition.  I liken the situation to "he had me at hello" only this time "he had me when he started jumping on the canister."  This unit is super light and seems to have a crazy amount of suction.  Throw in a 10 year warranty and I am feeling pretty confident about this decision!

Now my only problem is that I was so excited about the vacuum that I started using it... which normally would be a good thing but the cleaning lady is starting on Thursday and how dare I do part of her job for her!


  1. It's actually kind of stylish - looks more like art than a cleaning tool!

  2. @AP - I think so too! Maybe it will even make cleaning more appealing! (I can dream)

  3. Yay! Miele is the best, seriously. Maybe you can get a Miele dishwasher too :)

  4. @InteriorGroupie - oh yes the salesman was telling my mom about how he owns a fabulous 3 drawer dishwasher by Miele. I am sure it costs a fortune.

  5. Hint, do you have somewhere where you can buy unboxed / b-stock / display stock Miele appliances? That could be a less expensive way of purchasing top-quality appliances, bar a scratch or two, usually in places that cannot be seen anyway.


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