i make big babies

It's what I do apparently.  Well I guess the title should really be we make big babies but since I am the vessel / incubator I think it only fair that I take the credit.

We had our bi-weekly ultrasound on Friday and Alice & Isla are doing well, very well in fact.  They were both practicing breathing which apparently is early to see and they weighed in at a whopping 3 pounds 11 ounces and 3 pounds 8 ounces.  Apparently they are on par with what a single would weigh at this point.  So that means I am carrying around 7+ pounds of babies and I still have several weeks to go, the goal being 4 or 5 more weeks. I am trying not to guesstimate what they could weigh at that point.  We were hoping for 5+ pound babies but I think they might surpass that goal.

Things are definitely feeling more cramped in there.  There is often one baby sticking way out on one side, probably trying to get a little space.  They are both head down and will remain that way for the rest of this pregnancy (I am convinced).

I am feeling less and less like myself, and more and more like a blimp, beached whale or cow.  It takes way too much effort to get up off of the couch, or out of bed or out of the car.  We went for a walk last night and at one point I told Andrew to please just carry me.  I was joking but I mean logistically there is just no way that he could at this point.

Ruffle Butt Fine Art Print by Porcelynn via etsy
While celebrating the big babies that I am growing, I also managed to secure a cleaning lady to start this week!  I can't wait!  The state of this place has been driving me crazy!!  So long dust bunnies!  We are also contemplating a new vacuum... any suggestions?


  1. Glad to hear the girls are doing well and you too. Hang in there. Not long to go now.

    We have a Dyson and we love it. We don't actually have any carpet in the house except one area rug, but we use it on all the hardwood and it is awesome! I know they are kind of expensive though. Ours was a wedding a gift.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Those are GREAT sizes... nice and healthy bambino's! I go Friday to see where mine are measuring, I can't wait! And thats awesome they are both head down!

  3. @Okay, now what? - I did take a quick look at dysons. Yes they are pricey but in the last 5 years we've gone through 3 vacuums so we are hoping to get something that will last!

    @My Infertile Confessions - yes so happy that they are head down!!!

  4. Yay for big healthy babies! Although it must be rough on you! I love their names! So cute!

  5. That is great!! I go to the doctor on Wed. for an U/S. Can't wait to see how they are doing. Oh - so funny - I had the SAME EXACT conversation with my hubby during a walk recently. I told him to carry me and then I joked that I needed one of those motorized scooters instead!! ha ha!!

  6. We LOVE our new Dyson. I'd rather pay more money for a good, dependable vacuum that lasts than go through the hassle of replacing one that's been driving you insane every year or two. But maybe ask your cleaning person?

  7. Get a Miele vacuum!! Not as expensive as Dyson, but smaller, really quiet and wonderful in general. I believe they even have them at costco for around $400. We love ours :)

    PS congrats on the big babies!! and the cleaning lady, THAT will be a fun day.

  8. @InteriorGroupie - We bought a Miele yesterday! I remember you mentioning that you loved yours and a local vacuum store agreed. Recommended it to me right away.

  9. Yeah for big babies!!

    I need to find a cleaning lady before I get to my 30 week mark...there...said it...now that's my goal!

    I've interviewed (not really), I should say met with 2 of my neighbor's people...one wants to be a nanny, not a cleaning lady...and one is my neighbor's nanny, and wants a weekend gig...


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