the twins made my friday

Dear twins in my belly...

thank you for making my friday, or better yet... my weekend.

you are doing such a great job growing big in my tummy and seem to be so in sync with each other as you both weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces which is wonderful!

you are also both head down.  perhaps you get your love of being upside down from me, who spent most of my childhood in a headstand or handstand position.  whatever it is, keep on doing it!

finally, you seem to be putting less pressure on mommy... as my cervix was nice and closed and not nearly as scary as it has been.

Daddy has been busy.  Busy tackling projects to make sure that you two have a wonderful nursery.  It is coming together so nicely and I find myself imagining how you will each look in the tiny clothes that we have for you.

We took you to a movie last night and you loved how much we laughed.

We can't wait to meet you but want you to stay put for another 6+ weeks.

xoxo mommy

Salmon Crocheted Heart by sabahnur via etsy


  1. That's great news Ashley! So happy to hear that things are going well and that the babies are growing nicely!

    What did you go to see? As an after needle treat to myself I saw "Super 8" with a friend.

  2. Thanks Janet! We saw The Hangover 2. How was Super 8? How did the first injection go?

  3. How was Hangover 2? Super 8 was fantasic...a throw back to movies like Goonies and Stand By Me. The first injection was actually very easy, Adam did a great job and I didn't really feel a thing! Bloodwork Thursday and then start the Puregon & Menopur. Were you on the same medications?

  4. Such great news, I am so glad that everything is going smoothly now!!!!!!

  5. Haha, the verification word for my last comment was crotch!!

  6. So sweet :) Great to hear everything is going wonderfully!

  7. Janet - glad to hear the first injection went well! Hangover 2 was good - follows the same storyline as the first but was still quite funny. I was on suprefact, puregon and repronex - puregon and suprefact were both quite painfree although reponex was definitely a stinger (but nothing that some icing couldn't help)! They only added the repronex because my estrogen was flying so they needed to take the puregon down.

    Kkasun - hilarious verification word!

    Thanks ladies for your nice comments!

  8. That is wonderful news! What an awesome way to go into the week-end! What good little girls- both head down :) And a closed cervix- can't get a better report!


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