cutest slippers ever

These arrived today...

These are Padraig slippers and they are adorable.

The first time I saw a pair of these slippers in person was when my Brother-in-law stayed with us last Christmas.  He happens to be friends with the son of the Padraig creator and he loved his slippers.... and believe me... they looked very well loved... almost too well loved (for my picky taste).  Either way, they definitely looked comfortable.  Well a couple of months back I spotted two babies in two separate baby boutiques in Ottawa sporting baby legs + Padraig slippers.

I fell in love.

On to the registry they went!

Shipping was a tad on the slow side so they missed the shower but they arrived today as a wonderful surprise.

I can't wait to put them on Alice and Isla!

Okay so apparently Little One also loves the slippers
I hope you had a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. them! So I had decided my after needle reward was going to be candy...but...I might just have gone to the website and ordered a pair for myself in rainbow!


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