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As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks pregnant.  I am also up 51 pounds (scary).  31 weeks means that we should be meeting our girls in oh about another 6 weeks (if not sooner).  I've mentioned before that I have been reading a couple of twin books and I will post some reviews shortly.  One thing that really sticks out from one of the books is that often twin mothers deliver their babies early as a self fulfilling prophecy.  As in... they believe they will go early... so they do.  So to avoid such an outcome I've decided that these babies are going to stay in there until 37 weeks.  Until I likely can no longer stand up without some sort of a crane or human assistant.

Since I am 31 weeks and I look like I should deliver any minute now, Andrew and I have been bombarded with these questions... "you must be so nervous", "you will never sleep again", and my favourite "do you think you're cut out for this fatherhood (or motherhood) thing?"

Really?  You are really asking me (us) this? Do you think you are helping by asking these questions?  What if we answered "we are scared shitless, please help us", "thank you for letting me know that I will never sleep again, that makes me feel so wonderful", and finally, "no, I am definitely not cut out to be a mother (or father), what were we thinking?"

I mean these comments don't honestly bother me (well maybe the whole questioning whether we are cut out to be parents does slightly).

Besides, I think most couples expecting their first child are nervous to some degree.

I think a few things have lead to us feeling less than nervous for Alice and Isla's arrival.  The main one being that we worked hard for this.  It was a very long year to get to this point.  It involved a lot of stress, a team of experts and a lot of money.  We really won the lottery in the end.  Two for the price of one in many ways.

Yes we know our lives will never be the same.  But that is the point really of all of this.

Us, a year ago, in Whistler, BC.

So call us crazy naive, but we are ready to embrace the craziness that will become our lives later this summer!


  1. fantastic attitude...stay positive...get your rest and you guys will do great!

  2. i HATE HATE all the [silly] questions you get while being pregnant. I'm only 11 weeks and still get all of these questions....like really?!?! Keep your head high, you'll do a terrific job! =]

  3. Go read my last post! I am getting the sAME comments. You will enjoy my rant.

    You are ready, you were tried by the fire! Best wishes to you.

  4. Love your attitude! :) I would guess having to work so hard for your babies makes you more ready in a lot of ways...

  5. You aren't naive, you are positive and excited (a little nervous too, but that is normal)!!!!
    That last question is kinda rude, and even if you aren't the momma type, it's a little late for that, isn't it?

  6. Do you think you're cut out for motherhood? - what a rediculous question. I think you've got a great attitude. You can never be fully prepared for parenthood - even when you have children you never know what challenge you're going to have to tackle next - but the thing is to fully embrace everything that it throws at you as it's honestly the most amazing thing you can ever do.

  7. please. you can handle it. we can handle much more than we know. i hate those sorts of questions or comments: "get ready, sleep is over!" screw you i say!

  8. first of all congrats!!! i have two of my own.. hard work but they hold my happiness... hehehehe i think you two look lovely on this pictures. so much love in the air... :) i am definitely following your lovely blog..

  9. Hello, Congrats on the pregnancy:) - just found you, and I love this post (and blog so following)
    Questions are horrendous, and people have no idea what they say, and how it makes you feel. I was asked by a lady in the pharmacy ' you must be just about to pop' when I was only 4.5 months pregnant - I got very upset. Don't listen to it but know this(as you probably already do) ;O); it's very hard work with kids, your life as you know it will totally change, and yes you will get up at 6 am. BUT you will have 2 awesome little ones, who will love you unconditionally. I have 2 girls and they rock my world.
    Have a great weekend and please come and say HI sometimes :)

  10. congrats - you're so close! i think it's great that you're ready to embrace the crazy but amazing change in your life!

  11. Ashley...31 weeks is an accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself! These little girls couldn't have asked for better parents. You guys will be amazing!

  12. Ugh, Drew and I hated getting those comments. People are crazy, parenthood is the best and the lack of sleep is no big deal. You ARE cut out to be parents!! You WILL get sleep!! Having a baby is THE BEST thing I've ever done in my life. Hands down. And you are having TWO! Double the blessing and fun and giggles and delight. For sure.

  13. I hated the comments too. We got them when we had the boys the last go round in 09. I would always answer that no I wasn't nervous We were getting exactly what we wanted. No one dared give us those comments this time around!


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