I think that our cats think that the nursery and all of the baby purchases are for them.

Why do I think this?

Well when I can't find one of them they have been turning up in the change table, in a bassinet, in a crib (how she maneuvered herself into that... I will never know)!

but... this latest sighting really does take the cake.

i am impressed... but the best part, she purrred ridiculously when I pried her out of there, almost like she was saying thank you for this fabulously soft bouncer that fits me perfectly.

Okay so in all seriousness I do have some anxiety over our cats, anxiety centered around will they be upset, feel neglected, wonder who these tiny wonders are?  I don't buy into those old wives tales that cats can suffocate babies and plan on letting them cuddle up to the babies if they so chose.  Besides, according to my Mom she would know the cat was with me because the cradle would be lopsided, and I survived to tell this tale!

So Heidi and Little One, don't take it personally, we still love you, we are just expanding our family and soon enough our little wonders will love you too!

Have you introduced a baby into your cat's life?  How did that go down?

Happy Friday!


  1. I know, I am a little nervous about our cats. One I guess I am not worried about, but the other is a little more territorial. We will have to get him declawed before baby gets here, as he is known to scratch (we pay more for the humane laser thing that doesn't hurt them or make them bleed).
    But please let me know how yours handle it, because this has been on my mind too!

  2. @kkasun - ours aren't declawed but they never scratch people (just furniture). I will be sure to update once the babies are here!

  3. How cute! We have dogs so I don't have any experience with cats but I've heard that when you are in the hospital, take the blanket that the baby has been sleeping in and let the animals sniff it before you bring home the baby...that way they have an idea of the scent?
    I'm not sure if any of that would help, but I know I am worried too about how my dogs will react...they are SO used to being the center of our attention...should be an adjustment!

  4. The picture of your cat in the bouncer totally cracked me up! I am also a little worried about how my cat will react to the new additions to our family. I guess only time will tell! Good luck!
    Your cats are beautiful.

  5. I have a Golden Retriever, no cats, but we recently started blocking him in the kitchen at night instead of letting him sleep in our room b/c once there's a baby around, neither my husband nor I want to deal with this thunder phobia. I hate leaving him down there but by doing it now he won't associate it with the baby and resent him or her. So, if there are small changes you can make before your girls arrive, make them now!

  6. Your cats are beautiful! I can't wait to hear how your cats react to bringing home the babies. I have wondered how ours will react when we finally get pregnant and bring home a baby or two. There have to be books or websites or something that give you pointers. I also do not believe in the old wives tales as I was born and raised into a house of cat lovers. If the cat bit or scratched us, we were asked what we did to annoy him or her. :)


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