34 weeks pregnant and a dinner date

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant!!!  Cue the balloons!  Who knew 8 weeks ago that we would make it to 34 weeks (and likely way beyond)!

I had an OB appointment yesterday and to quote the OB... "your twins are doing awesome".

So we're pretty thrilled.  I mean the resident decided to come back into the room with the OB because he was so struck with how well things were going for both me and the babies.

Apparently he sees no reason for us not to make it to 36 weeks but told us that after today we really don't have to worry anymore.  We are in the clear.

Way to go babies!!!

poor Heidi... always wondering why I am holding my tummy and taking pictures... she'll find out soon!

Last night we pretended we were normal people and went on a date... for our anniversary... and by normal I mean not the people who talk about babies 24/7, time contractions, and hardly leave the house due to the never-ending to-do-list and the ever increasing size of my belly.

It was fabulous.

This would be dessert and lattes... decaf for me... delicious
Yeah so we tried to get a photo of me in the restaurant but I just can't handle the borderline double chin that I seem to be sporting... thank you swelling... 


  1. Looks like fun! So glad everything is going well for you and babies!! You are looking great!

  2. You look gorgeous! Congrats on making the important milestone and I am glad to hear the girls are doing so well!

  3. Glad you had such a nice time on your date! Hooray for 34 weeks!

  4. You look amazing Ashley! Congrats on 34 weeks..yeah!

  5. 34 weeks is an awesome milestone.... congrats. GLad your girls are doing great. You are in the home stretch! Happy 'belated' anniversary.

  6. Wellington Gastropub? yum yum! Happy Anniversary!

  7. You look so great! Glad you had a good night out with your hubby - happy anniversary!

  8. @kat langdon - yep! Wellington Gastropub... very yum!

  9. Happy Anniversary and Houray for making it to 34 weeks. You look fabulous! (and so does Heidi)

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