have you seen my ankles?

I seem to have entered dangerous territory... cankle territory.

I was doing so well cankle free.  I had hot feet yes... but delighted in my minor swelling and visible bones... no such luck anymore.  Ankle bones... what are those?

At this point we are thinking any day could be "go-time".  I've been putting off actually packing my hospital bag for a long time now thinking that if I actually pack I will be too ready if that makes any sense.  I am excited for them to arrive but perhaps not quite ready to go into labour.  Tomorrow will be packing day .. I promise.

On Friday night we spent 2 hours meeting with our doula(s)... we have a primary but a backup since our doula will be out of town on our actual due date (if we actually make it to August 3rd).  Those 2 hours were amazing.  We learned so much and I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off of me and that I really could have the birth experience that I crave (yes, yes, I know that things can happen but I now have a realistic picture of what it could look like if things do go in our favour).  I will share more about what we learned in a post this week.  The rest of the weekend was spent at restaurants, with friends and in a pool.  It was bliss.

Happy Monday!


  1. Poor girl! You've made it so far and I'm totally impressed! Not much longer now!

  2. awww... poor cankles! You're almost done though! I can see the right is more swollen than the left! I don't have too much swelling in my feet, but fingers look like sausages! LOL! The worst part is the ache like having artheritis :-/

    I hope you have the birth experiance that you want! Your lucky your little girls are behaving and staying head down! My little boys are breech!

  3. I suppose this heat and humidity here in Ottawa isn't helping the cankle situation. Hang in there Ashley...you are doing amazing!

    August 3rd is a great day...just so happens to be my birthday as well :-) This year will be the 7th Anniversary of my 29th birthday!

  4. at least your pedicure looks good! Glad that the doulas keep on getting better and better and you are totally comfortable with them...such a good thing. Take it easy in this summer heat!

  5. Your toes look cute! I have really ugly feet... so for the most part I tend to cover them up.... no one needs to see them :) Your feet are pretty.... hopefully the swelling does not get much worse.
    I am glad your meeting with your doulas went so well... looking forward to read about what you learned from them.

  6. No one told me this, but after delivery you get way more swollen thanks to all the fluids they pump you with. A week postpartum and I can finally see my old skinny feet and ankles!


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