he had a dream

Last night Andrew had a dream that the babies arrived, were adorable and that the birth was a piece of cake.

He wants them to make a break for it already.  I do too.  Not in that it's time for you girls to be evicted sort of way, but in the we are so ready to meet you kind of way.

We are 36 weeks today!  How did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday that I was stressing out while reading Mothering Multiples and all of the chapters on how to breastfeed babies in the NICU.  They are 36 weeks... full term twins.

I haven't taken an updated belly shot this week but I don't know that much has changed.  There was a point a few weeks back that I just stopped trying to see the difference and accepted that I am rather huge in the belly area.  Yes people get all wide eyed when they see me out and walking around.  I think most fear that I might spontaneously have the babies right there... in front of them.  Right now it feels so surreal.  Like we know it's coming soon but it won't really feel real until we can see them out here, outside of my tummy.  In my head I keep thinking that they are going to come out looking like two different babies... but really they will come out looking the same, they weigh practically the same amount... I mean is an ounce going to make a visible difference?

Andrew packed his bag last night so both bags are fully packed and zipped up.  There is no turning back and we are at the point where I feel that we are overly ready so that they must be coming any day now.

I am ready for his dream to come true... anytime now little ladies!

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  1. I am so excited for you both to meet those lovely little ladies of yours! Hugs!

  2. Every time I see a new post from you I keep thinking it'll be "the one"! Good luck on this final stretch!

  3. They'll be here so soon! I hope that the delivery is a piece of cake just like Andrew's dream.

  4. I love this post!!! It makes me so excited for you!!!!

  5. I keep checking your blog to see if "its time!" I'm sure its just around the corner! How are you feeling?

  6. So happy for you - you're in the home stretch now! I can't wait to see your post announcing the birth.

  7. I really believe that dreams somehow predict reality... I think it will be a 'piece of cake' for you. You'll do great!
    I also think you'll see the differences between the two girls - you'll have the mommy instinct.

  8. @My Infertile Confessions - feeling pretty good at this point. Just hoping they decide to come soon!

    @kat langdon - I hope you're right!!!


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