missing this place

Do you have somewhere you normally go each summer?  For the last two years Andrew and I have headed off to Acadia National Park in Maine.  We cram as much as we can into our Mazda 3 Sport and camp, hike and bike for the week.  The first time we drove into Bar Harbor I knew this town had me for life.  The smell of the ocean, the views from the hikes and my love for sleeping in a tent surrounded by tall trees are what does it for me.

This year we won't be going.  We will be having babies.  But next year... we will be back.

Boats Parked at Bar Harbor by ccotophotocraft via etsy
Do you have a place like this?  Where is it?


  1. I have two.

    One (in driving distance) is the Outer Banks, Hatteras island.

    The other is Zion National Park.

  2. @Glass Case of Emotion - I so so soooo want to go to Zion! It looks amazing!

  3. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to visit Maine! You guys will have so much fun taking the babies there! :)

    I'm not sure I have a current "place", as sad as that is. But, there is a place in my heart that will always be my ideal vacation spot: Dauphin Island, Alabama. My grandparents had a beach house there, and they eventually retired to the island. As a kid, we went there every summer. It was a 21 hour car ride, but the memories I have of that place are priceless! Someday I hope to take my own kid(s) there.

    Here's a pic:

  4. @unaffected - that beach is gorgeous! It would be worth the 21 hour drive for sure!

  5. Definitely Bon Echo. That place has had a little piece of my heart from many years now!

    Last year I spent five days in Red Rock Canyon in Vegas and a side trip to Zion National Park. That place is incredible and I'm definitely going back!


  6. @Janet - we went to Bon Echo a couple of times last summer and had a good time.

    Your pictures from Zion look amazing!!! Now I want to go there even more!!

  7. So beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Maine, for whatever reason it has called to me. Seems like the perfect New England seaside place. Would love to go for the Fall foliage!




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