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Today started off with a little excitement in the form of a nice strong contraction!  Luckily there was only the one so we are free to enjoy Canada Day.

Well I am free.  Andrew is studying... but at some point he will stop and then we will celebrate.  He actually just asked whether we had any vodka... so today might prove to be quite entertaining!

Canada Day growing up was always a big deal in our house.  My parents always wanted to be downtown super early (they woke up at 4:30 am this morning!!).  We would wait for the changing of the guard and then it would be complete madness while we ran to the front of Parliament Hill.  We would stay for the morning and then bribe teenagers to keep our spot for us where we would return to (weaving our way through crowds of hundreds) later on that night for the rest of the shows and fireworks.  This year is a big deal because Will and Kate are here.  At some point I mentioned that it would be fun to go down there... to which Andrew replied... are you crazy, you are not going downtown, you're insane.  Now don't mistake this for him being some sort of controlling nut case... rather, the idea of his super preggo wife in crowds of thousands was simply not appealing (I don't blame him).

So this year we will celebrate in the backyard and with our neighbors two doors over.

Happy Canada Day!

Oh Canada red and white cupcake toppers by frostandfete via etsy

And here are a few pictures from our Canadian adventures this past year...


  1. happy canada day fellow canadian friend! loved seeing your pictures of toronto (so close to us) and bon echo! hope you get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. too bad you missed will and kate in ottawa yesterday, friends of ours shook their hands! one day we'll make it your way to enjoy a canada day in the capital city!

  2. Happy Canada Day. The country will always have a special place in my heart.

  3. Happy Canada day! Those cupcakes look so yummy!

  4. @Melissa - Canada Day in the capital is definitely something to experience! Oh and I love that part of Toronto!

    @PhotoPuddle, @Kristen and @lowfatlady - thanks!!


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