underwater preggo

This weekend I was a lucky, lucky lady.  Being in a pool while very pregnant with twins is completely amazing.

I spent part of Saturday and all of Sunday in pools.  Both outings were completely unplanned... and so so appreciated! That was several hours of pure bliss where I no longer felt the extra weight and where my formerly swollen hands, feet and calves were suddenly nice and boney once again.

Oh and I discovered that these girls also love the sun... I figured this out while lying in a lounger, shade on half of my belly, babies crowding suddenly towards the sunny side of my belly.  Babies... Mommy loves the sun too and I love that you love the sun.  Made for an interesting exposed belly!

Bikini + preggo belly.... yes this bikini is terribly old but it keeps the goods under wraps so I don't care.

Happy 4th of July to all of you Americans!


  1. So cute! How sweet that the babies moved towards the sun. Like little flowers bending towards the light. So sweet.

  2. I would love to be near a pool I could go into. That is so cute that they came up close to where the sun is!

  3. U are totally rocking that bikini belly bump! Hehe so sweet! And that water looks amazing !

  4. Adorable, you look fabulous. I bet the babies love it too. I am affraid I am going to drown my embies in the water...haha. No swimming for me for at least 2 weeks! Enjoy!!

  5. @lowfatlady - you need to find a pool! It is amazing to not feel so heavy!

    @KC - definitely keep those embies nicely incubated for the next couple of weeks! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!

  6. I was in a two-piece bathing suit this weekend too in a pool and it felt great! I have to admit I'd run to my chair though because I felt like everyone was looking at me. Glad you were able to get some relief for a while!

  7. What an incredible picture! I too spent yesterday relaxing in the sunshine with a few glorious dips in the pool. It was SO SO SO nice. Inspired me to find and sign up for a water aerobics class at our local sports center.

  8. I went swimming for the first time while pregnant and it felt sooo good!
    I am glad you enjoyed your weekend and Canada Day!

  9. Lucky lucky lady! Our original plan was to swim this weekend! Oh well! Love the pic!

    Questions... so I know you said your cervix is similar to mine, what type of "rest" are you on? Do you have help during the day? Food/water? Were you nervous about going out to the pool?

    We have a pool in our complex too, but not sure if I'm allowed to enjoy it yet. I'm nervous about getting off the couch! My sis-in-law is here helping take care of me... very humbling

  10. @My Infertile Confessions - I have been on "reduced activity" for about 3 months now but my cervix took the biggest dive at 26 weeks. My doctor and the triage unit doctor doesn't believe in strict bed rest - they think it does more harm then good. So I was told to spend most of the day lying in a reclined position but that I could go for short walks. I was told no frivolous outings but I have been known to break that rule as well. It is so hard to know what to do but personally I know how hard it is to lie around day after day. For the sake of my sanity I do have to get out now and then. As for swimming they had said no aquafitness but never said I couldn't lay around in a pool. So I literally just float around, I don't actually swing.

  11. Thanks so much for your response! I just left the doctors and updated on my blog. I am now on "house arrest," probably similar to you. Its amazing that your doing so well since you've been on reduced activity for so long! Its good to know it works!

    I have read conflicting info about strict bedrest as well. I honestly don't know how some people do it for months, I'm sure I would end up really depressed. I am a very active person and hate sitting for long periods let alone being horizontal (Although thats slightly changed since getting so big!) and unable to do things for myself!

    I'm hoping my body continues to hold these babies in like yours!!


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