we went for a hike

Yesterday we went for our first hike as a family of four.  We drove ten minutes to a local trail and took off carrying both babies in our carriers.  It felt so good to put running shoes on again and to get outside near trees.  We would never have gone on this trail pre-babies... it would have been …

living in a bubble

Yes I have been a bit disappointing as of late in the blog posting area.

I have been living in a bubble... and loving it.

Who knew finding ten spare minutes to compose a post could be so difficult once you have two newborns by your side?  I didn't.

Three weeks ago today I went into labor.  …

a day in the life of us

Oh how about a glimpse into our lives... 10 glorious days in with Isla and Alice...
6ish am... breastfeed Isla or Alice change diaper of Isla or Alice dress Isla or Alice 20 or 30 minutes later...  repeat for the second baby 2 hours later (if we're lucky)... repeat undressing, breastfeedi…

instant family

I went into labor Friday night.

The contractions started at 7 pm.

Alice and Isla arrived just after 8 am on Saturday.

We left the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Suddenly the world seems so complete, so awesome and so much more dangerous.

Please bear with me and my lack of posts while we soak up …

a little contraction distraction a la jcrew

While my indecisive body keeps on contracting on and off I figured I mind as well do something happy to distract myself... so I decided to peruse JCrew...

due date

Today is my due date... and I am sitting on the couch.... zero contractions at the moment.

Of course I had contractions all last night and sporadically today but right now.... nothing.

Apparently the babies are super comfy and have decided to hold out for a while.

and they are getting bigger.... t…

still just the two of us

That's right... I'm still pregnant.

We did have a bit of fun triage style on Friday night and I have been getting painful contractions ever since but nothing regular enough to warrant a serious trip back to the hospital.

I never received a call on Friday from my OB's office so I believe…