Yes I heard from several people while I was pregnant that a swing was an essential item....

No we did not purchase one while I was pregnant thinking that the vibrating bouncy chair would suffice....

we were wrong...

a swing = bliss

one wailing baby whilst nursing another baby is now a thing of the past (fingers crossed)

dear fisher price... i think i might just love you


  1. Good to know! Must add swing to list of baby crap I must buy =)

  2. Yep, we have the same one and love it!

  3. We broke down and got a swing too. Miss A is a fussy one! We got one you can switch from swinging front/back to side/side. If one way doesn't work, the other will for sure!

  4. ah swings. thank you lord for swings!

  5. awwww so cute! Glad that you got that sorted out and the swing is doing its thing :)


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