if breastfeeding was an Olympic sport....

Isla would win gold....

I wish I was kidding but honestly... she attacks me like she has never eaten before... like she will never eat again... like she is the hungriest baby alive...

I actually have to take a few good deep long breathes when she first latches on until she eases up.

Alice on the other hand generally takes her sweet time... like she is sitting down for a five course meal and must pace herself to get through all of the courses.

I feel very lucky that I am able to breastfeed them both.  I constantly have to remind myself of this fact since I do feel like an all hours, all-you-can-eat buffet.  My life involves one and a half hour instances where I run around and try to eat, make myself presentable and most recently squeeze in time to kick this flab off of my body.

It's worth it though... right... yes yes it is ... I mean how satisfied was I when the doctor told us that Isla is in the 90th percentile for growth... that's with my milk!

Here we are.... my little gobbler and I


  1. How wonderful that you can breastfeed them and that they are growing so well!!!

  2. Wow! You are doing a great job! I know you really wanted to be able to breastfeed them both and I am SO HAPPY that you are able to do just that. I'm glad that you have a laid back eater to even out your hungry one! Alice and Isla you have such a good Mama!!

  3. Good for you Momma, you should be very proud!! That's is awesome you're keeping up with breast feeding both of them, impressive indeed! And great that you've found a solution with the swing! Hope it continues to work well for you!


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