identical... hmmm?

Our identical twins do not look identical.  When they were born they looked quite different.  Their skin tone was very different, their heads were a totally different shape and we could tell them apart easily... we did not expect this.

So for the past 4+ weeks we have been wondering if they are in fact identical.

It is no secret that we did IVF.  One of the interesting parts of conceiving with IVF is the early ultrasounds that you receive.  Our early ultrasounds perplexed the doctors at our clinic as they were apparently not used to seeing identicals.  The evidence seemed simple enough... one placenta... no marker for two placentas having fused together... identical twins.

But here we are wondering if there is an exception to this.  Could our girls be in fact the product of our two transferred embryos... rather then the one we thought had split?

I guess we will just have to wait and see if these two precious faces become more similar over time.

Personally, I think it would be great if they remain different physically, I mean who wants to have an identical looking twin?

Oh and I know some of you have been asking who is who... so take a wild guess and let me know who you think is Alice and who is Isla.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh my! Those close up pics are so cute! I kinda think they look the same, but what do I know. That would be pretty cool if they merged together to share a placenta. That would be a lovely story--a true miracle, ya know?

  2. Oh, and I think Isla is wearing blue.

  3. While I'm not looking at them as much as you guys, I think they look darned similar! You should post some of those photos side-by-side. Easier to compare!

    Either way, they're beautiful little girls!!!

  4. I think they look the same as well, but I agree with JM: it would be easier to compare if the pictures were side-by-side. Either way, they are beautiful!


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