let's spoon

Spooning... it's one of those things that I would day dream about when I was younger... yes I would picture me.. and my yet undiscovered future husband spooning.  This is the type of thing that occupied my young teen mind... sad.. maybe... but true.

Why am I bringing this up you might wonder?  Well lately I have been rather busy... mostly breastfeeding twin girls... and the first non-baby thing that pops into my mind... spooning... maybe it's because I replaced the snoogle preggo pillow with a regular pillow between us (I need something to support these boobs!) and haven't actually slept near Andrew for months and months... or maybe because we are just so busy now with feeding, changing, and cuddling our babies that a small part of me is yelling what about us... whatever it is... I have spooning on the brain.

So I brought up the whole... why don't we spoon more question to Andrew the other day... and his reply..... shave your head and I'll spoon the f!#% out of you.

Andrew likes to be the little spoon... as in the one getting spooned as opposed to the spooner.  His rationale... my hair.. apparently it suffocates him if he's the spooner.

well I had "man hair" once in my life and I never intend to return to those days of horror.

so tell me... do you spoon?

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  1. My hubby is the same way, he likes to be spooned therefore that doesn't happen much at my house either! Lol My belly has been getting in between us at night so the cuddling and spooning has kind of gone away for the time being! Hopefully we will be able to do that again soon though!

  2. Ha, so funny that you wrote this post! JJ and I spooned for the first time the other night when we stayed at my dad's. The reason - b/c we didn't have our dog right in the middle of us which is where she sleeps. The other reason we don't much anymore is when JJ sleeps on his right side, he snores. :( I do love a good spoon though!

  3. ahhahaha hilarious!! I can only spoon if someone isn't too hot, otherwise I get annoyed. Generally not a huge spooner. But to Andrew's preference...doesn't everyone prefer to be the sponnee?

  4. Ha! Im going to show this one to Addisu -- he says the SAME thing!

  5. omg, the day we could spoon again melted my heart! i am also so happy to be able to hug from the front!

  6. Geeze, my hubbs is the spoonee as well! Lucky guys in our lives eh?


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