Last night I tried on a dress... one that fit easily on my former pre-preggo skinny frame.

It did not go well.

Andrew had to peel it off of me and I actually had a mini panic attack thinking that it would not fit back over these boobs and we might just have to cut it off.

This mistake is a result of me actually thinking that the dress might work for a wedding that we are going to next weekend.

So now I am officially dress-less and I do not want to buy a new one since I will only be this current size for a fleeting moment (okay maybe slightly more then fleeting).

Lesson learned.  No more trying on old, pre preggo clothes until I am convinced that they actually have a shot at fitting.

French Girl's Wardrobe by lesleysico via etsy


  1. I had a wedding a month after Westley was born and just borrowed a dress....got any big busted friends? :)

  2. *hugs* I haven't even really tried much of my pre-pregnancy stuff so your brave.

  3. You got me thinking - I have a wedding too in a few weeks and I need to look through my closet to see what I'll wear. Definitely cut yourself some slack. I know it's hard to no longer be pregnant and still not fit in your pre-preg clothes, but we need to give our bodies time. It took 9 months to gain the weight, so it will take some time to lose it. And if boobs are the only issue, embrace those puppies! Ha!

  4. ugh, i hear you. i made the mistake of trying on my fat jeans and they're still too tight! i will stay far, far away from my old clothes for a while yet. :) i'm going to miss my dresses too! none of them are very nursing friendly, although some do fit -- as long as i can get them over my boobs. i've been wearing a lot of strapless tube top dresses lately.

  5. the boobs can be CRAZY! I went from A to D (while nursing)....

  6. Just found your blog and as a newly pregnant ex-infertile I went back and read a bit about your pregnancy and I can't wait to hear how the twins birth went after all your planning! Your babies are absolutely beautiful!

  7. I did the same thing with a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are roomy normally... not now! I'm still wearing maternity shorts. Even though my stomach is pretty flat, everything seems wider :-(


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