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Okay so perhaps my Mondays aren't so intimidating... so daunting.... or so dreaded.  They used to be.  But now Mondays are just another day... another wonderful day that may involve a continuous race to get things done between feedings, changings, and lots of swaying... but a day that includes lots of smiles, cuddles and (more recently) a giggle or two.

Last week we got some news that makes us one step closer to me not going back to my job.... we refinanced our mortgage.  Okay so not exactly thrilling but now when I walk out of our grocery store and see the posted mortgage rates I no longer have to mentally swear because I feel like we are being robbed.  Step two...figure out what else I can do to make money while caring for two babies...

Happy monday!


  1. Would you be able to take in a kid or two during the day? I don't know what daycare in your area charge, but I have 2 kids I watch in the mornings and it's good extra money while I stay home with Aiden. The key is to find some really easy, low key kids though! lol

  2. Love the picture! Happy Monday to you and the girls :)

  3. That's another one of those brilliant things about being a stay-at-home mum... Not dreading Monday mornings any more! In fact at the moment our Monday mornings actually rather relaxed.


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