flowers in october

Today Isla and Alice have been amazing babies.  I mean they generally are awesome but today they slept and slept well, were on their best behaviour when we spent the morning with our friend Cindy at a little cafe in Manotick, ate well and were super generous with their smiles.  They were so great in fact that I had time to check out some new blogs (well new to me), to go to a body attack class once Andrew got home, and to peruse etsy.. which I am sad to say has been sorely neglected by me as of late.  

I would love to get some new prints in this house to freshen things up (and I might just be guilty of having a new print, all wrapped up, sitting on top of our fridge... waiting for me to frame it).

Like any woman I love flowers, especially the flowers from a specific local florist that arrive on non important days... but what I love more than flowers is gorgeous pictures of flowers (they last much much longer....)

Magenta Flowers by ZoiShop via etsy
Cherry Blossoms by ZoiShop via etsy

Dogwood Flowers by ZoiShop via etsy
Happy Thursday