I haven't seen my husband clean shaven since oh maybe our wedding day.  When he came home yesterday and I got a good look at him (not like the semi conscious look I got that morning in bed when he said goodbye before he left for work) I thought he was an impostor.... a much younger and noticeably paler version of his former self. Who is this man and why is he making me feel so old all of a sudden is what went through my mind.

Luckily he forwarned me that the shave would be going down and I made a bargain with him... I will deal with the stache if you shave your head.  There is something about him with a shaved head that I can't resist.  Last night when he got home he was pre-shaved head.  Now yesterday was a trying day over here for me.  There was a lot of crying, none of which was from me but believe me, the thought crossed my mind several times.... just give in... let the tears flow... but I held out.  So when he came home I wanted to leave the house.  But I also wanted that head shaved so I could feel less like a cougar and more like his younger wife.  So off the hair came.

I get to enjoy this look for a couple of days until the moustache starts to take centre stage... on his face.

I know it's for a good cause (prostate cancer research) and I know it will only be for a month.... but damn it is going to look dirty I just know it!

who is this man?  (the before.... bring on the stache!!)

So am I alone in this moustache phobia or do you share my disdain for said facial hair?


  1. hahahah you are hilarious. I do NOT like it...J is going to vegas for a bachelor party at the end of Nov and apparently the bachelor wants them all to grow staches - combo of movember and his own desire for them to have dirty staches in vegas...ugh...don't know if I could handle it!

  2. My husband just grew a goatee. I think it makes him look much older but I like it. He keeps it real short so that helps.

  3. mustaches are sick. I'm with you.

  4. I agree with you completely. I'm not a fan of them. It always reminds me of someone's dad, or like an old man. Clean shaven please.

  5. My husband is cherokee and can barely grow any facial! Poor guy has tried over the years and it just always looks silly :-) My dad on the other hand had a full beard and it always looked sooooo odd when he shaved it!

  6. New follower! Cngrats on your twin girls...I have a fraternal twin sister and we are the best of friends. I read some of your earlier posts about your questioning if your girls are in fact identical and this is actually the opposite if what my parents and other people think about my sister and I. No one will believe us when we tell them we're fraternal!

  7. Yeah, I don't like facial hair...especially mustaches. My dad had a full beard and mustache growing up and apparently I loved it then, but I don't like it anymore. When his hair started going white he started shaving it. :) I'm good with that.


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