November 1st marks the first day of NaNoWriMo.... "thirty days and nights of literary abandon" where one must concoct a 50 000 word novel by the end of November.  I first heard of this event a year ago and I actually thought about doing it.  Well it was my backup plan if our IVF cycle was postponed until the new year.  I needed something to distract me and I figured that coming up with a 50 000 word novel might just do the trick.  The 50 000 words seem quite daunting to me.  I mean what would I write about, how do you even plan out the novel or do you take a fly by the seat of your pants approach and just dive right in?  The nanowrimo vets seem intimidating to me with all of their potential plot discussions, writing software debates and the fact that they have successfully completed a novel of 50 000 words before.  I mean no one even reads the end product... the event isn't about beating someone else's book, it's about taking on the challenge yourself and succeeding by finishing.

When I did some more digging I discovered that several published books originated from thirty hard days and nights of work.  Some people clearly take this very seriously... which further intimidates me, the one who only writes emails, blog posts and grocery lists.  I still remember way back in school when we would be asked to write a story and how hard it would be for me to figure out what to write about.

but, can you envision the sense of accomplishment?  I am pretty certain I would feel completely awesome at the end of the challenge, having dreamed up 50 000 words.

So maybe next year, when I have two one year olds to chase around.... I will find a hiding place and join in on this challenge.... maybe.


  1. I've never done this, but think about it every year. I love the thought of you making some time for yourself with two one-year-olds!

  2. wow, what a challenge this would be!!

  3. This is my fifth NaNo that I've done. The first 3 years, I hit my word count easily, although it was only ever the halfway point in my novel so I had a hard time finishing.

    Last year, I was suffering from crippling morning sickness (the kind that even drinking water made me run to the bathroom frantically) so I only got a few thousand in before giving up.

    This year though, I'm on track, although it's a little harder with a 5 month old. But I manage to do it just after he goes to bed. I also find that having a "word war" with my sister, who's also taking part, helps get the words out.

    Sure, it's often utter nonsense that comes out but the editing process is where the real novel comes out. That's the terrifying part for me.

    Anyway sorry for such a long comment--I get a bit carried away when talking about NaNo. :P

  4. Ugh...maybe I should've edited that comment. I think I'm stuck in NaNo mode :P


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