out for a rest + a one week movember update

Today a little break was in order.  I knew it was time to take a little mommy time out when I fell asleep in the tub ... last night... for the second time.  I've felt like an energizer bunny these past three months and have never really experienced the sleep deprived, energy sucking state that so many new mom's talk about.  Well I'm still not totally there but I do feel like I am running against a ticking clock from the first cry for the first feeding of the day.  I feel like I'm in a race... every single day but I also feel like I've trained for years for this race and am capable of tackling it every day.

but everyone needs a break

and for me the oh shit i almost fell asleep in the tub for the second time was my a-ha moment.

so today instead of going to the gym while Grandma came over I went to Chapters (which of course also means I hit up starbucks)... there's something about wandering around a big book store with a late in tow that really makes me melt.

of course it would have been nice had this little trip out of the house sans babies not involved me witnessing a car crash right as I was turning into the chapters parking lot...  i drove away... and felt like a bad person..... but come on universe.... this is my first outting out in days and I only had like an hour before they needed to eat again... do you really think I had the time to stop ... but then i ran into my mom at chapters (coincidentally we both love the starbucks + chapters experience) and she decided to go and give the cop my number on her way home... so then I felt like a better person once again.

Funny what an hour out can do... I am feeling like a human once again.... lesson learned... apparently I'm not invincible after all.

now for the movember update... one week in and the stache is looking quite dirty...

okay so the adorable baby lessens the nastiness factor a tad... but I kid you not... when I look at Andrew it's like the moustache is a million times darker and is doing everything in its power to monopolize my attention.

it's only temporary, it's only temporary, it's only temporary....


  1. I'm glad you got some time out for yourself...I need to find a way to do that too. It's hard, but sometimes we need a few minutes to ourselves!

  2. I think it's great that you were able to get out for a while and have some you time - even if it was only for an hour.

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhh the cute baby totally lessens the creep factor! And good for you for taking some time at Chapters - definitely need to recharge when you can!

  4. @InteriorGroupie - yes lessens for sure!

  5. II had an aha moment when my eyes were involuntarily shutting. I guess it was time to take a nap :) The stache is funny, so long as it's temporary :)

  6. movember, book stores with a latte, learning limits, all good stuff!

  7. i'm sure i would need some serious me time if i were you! i hope you feel recharged :)

  8. hooray for grandmas and starbucks and a few moments of relaxation for you! I'm gonna be a mama soon, and definitely will be grabbing those spare moments of rest...even in the tub:-) xoxo

  9. My husband is proudly sporting his pervy 'stache for Movember, too. Like you, I need to repeat "it's only temporary.. it's only temporary"! haha

    Glad you had a nice time out!

  10. two tt's in latte, silly dear. LOVE the picture!


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