tis the season for party dresses

Okay it's cold out.  I took the girls out for a walk today... well it felt like tonight since it was 4 pm and the sun was setting... why does daylight savings exist... and it was cold... like winter cold.  I can just sense that snow is around the corner.  The one good thing that snow signifies (besides Christmas) is holiday party season.  We so rarely get dressed up so I always look forward to a good Christmas party where I will be required to slip out of my skinny jeans or leggings and into a dress.

Of course I am still carrying around pregnancy weight... I am losing weight... slowly... but surely... but no dress in the closet is up to the task of fitting this body.

So..... options... yes please.

Dolcie Dress via anthropologie

City of Lights Dress via anthropologie

Alice + Olivia Eleanor Metallic Striped dress via shopbop
Gracia Dress via anthropologie

I am loving that red dress!

Do you have a holiday party to dress up for?  What will you wear?


  1. Yes! I love a good party dress. I love #1.

  2. My favorite is the red dress, but I'm always partial to Anthropologie :) This is one that I have in my closet, but haven't worn yet:


    I think the gold will go well with the holiday season :)

  3. I love, love dress #1 but whichever you choose Ashley, I know you'll look amazing! Have you picked out the girls Christmas dresses yet?

  4. I love the grey Anthro dress!

    I just bought this Alice+Olivia one: http://www.shopbop.com/mid-length-ruched-dress-alice/vp/v=1/845524441919119.htm?folderID=2534374302063518&fm=other-shopbysize-brand-viewall&colorId=17705

  5. I have a sparkly number from topshop (bought on eBay YEARS before I even met my husband). Still haven't worn it. I'm not sure I've been to a party that really warranted dressing ALL OUT. But a have a few other sequin pieces that are a little "safer". For some reason when I think of Christmas, I think sequins! Maybe it has something to do with it being dark for so much of the winter!

  6. 1] i hate daylight savings. i've told my husband that just about everyday since we had to change the clocks.
    2] i think i need that grey anthro dress.
    3] i just found your blog and LOVE it.
    4] i totally feel like my life is calmly chaotic too!

    xo chanel

  7. I love that red dress! Of course I love anything red :P

    Unfortunately there are no parties to dress up for here. And since I'm a freeze baby, I don't wear dresses in the winter...I will find pants and a nice sweater.

    I also just found your blog. You have a new follower here! :)


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