2011 etsy favourites... part one... say it

When I have free time, which is rare and may involve staying up too late just to grab a few minutes to myself (which I never regret the next morning) I usually spend it clicking through etsy while watching tv, drinking wine or lemonade and eating raspberries.  Weird combo, maybe... but it works.

Okay so I do actually buy things off of etsy... usually in waves... usually when we're decorating something specific... but other times I just click through until I find something that I think I might just love and then I add it to my favourites and it might just be bought down the road or it might show up on here in a post.

Here are some of my favourite etsy finds that say something from this past year that I have yet to buy or post...

by HelloHuckleberry

I think we might just need this one...

by Kathy Panton

by sparrownestscript

I need to buy this for our next anniversary... Andrew, look away!
by ashleykjensen

I found this same saying on a print last year and ever since I've thought it belonged in our front entranceway... 

by theSIBLINGshop

because adding damn makes everyday that much better.

happy wednesday.


  1. I love it! The dream big little one is one the wall over my daughter's crib at my parents house! It's so fitting!

  2. Omigosh, I love your blog...the momminess, the design...get ready for comment overload. ;-)

    And that last print in my favorite!

  3. love etsy too, and I always enjoy your picks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. these are all lovely. i especially like the you are my very favorite! cute.

  5. Hey there! Cute post and I love the last one too! Just hopped over from Bright Wishes! You can see my guest post there today and even enter my sponsorship give away! Have a wonderful Holiday!

  6. etsy and pinterest are so addicting! I love the first one!


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