28 was a good year

A year ago this was the scene at the arrivals terminal of the airport when we picked up my sister...

it was my birthday ... and the same day we found out that it worked and that I was pregnant... and this is Steph absorbing this news...

and this was the same day... one year later...

amazing how so much can change in a year.

last year it was my birthday ... and the same day we found out that it worked and that I was pregnant... and the same day that we picked up my sister from the airport and told her the news.

this year we didn't make it to the airport but the reunion was just as sweet as last year.

okay maybe sweeter..


 loved this.  Andrew admitted to using his left hand to write this.  so cute.

 It was a great day.

Heidi thought so too.

29... you have some large shoes to fill!

happy monday!


  1. Oh I love this post! The pictures are just wonderful! So glad it was a great year for you! Here's to many many more!

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! It's truly amazing what can happen in a year!

  3. Happy Birthday! Oh what a difference a year makes. I am reflecting on this now too :)

  4. Happy birthday! And what a great birthday you had last year!

  5. Hapy Birthday Ashley! What a sweet post!

  6. aww, cute. Andrew is too much. And I love your blue top - just bought one that colour!

  7. Happy Birthday!
    1. You're in Ottawa! (I wondered)
    2. Times I wished I had a sister. Now.
    3. That cat is gorgeous!

  8. It must have been amazing to capture such a beautiful moment.

    Also, you look amazing having just had babies!!


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