four months old

dear alice and isla,

a year ago today they put you in my tummy.  afterwards I went to acupuncture.  afterwards I went home and wondered and worried and stressed and tried to relax and hoped, really, really hoped that you would decide to stay for good.

and you did.

and here you are, four months old and so amazing.

We introduced you to the jolly jumper on saturday and I think it's your favourite thing to do now.  It's crazy to see you standing up and jumping (even if you are held up by a harness).  You've come so far from your completely helpless selves as infants.

You both sit up in the bumbo often and love grabbing at your toys from this position.

You giggle out loud.  Especially when I kiss your tummies.

You eat so fast.  I love it.  The months of forty five minute feedings seem to be a thing of a past and I am so grateful.  Now our time together is all quality as nursing seems so effortless.  I definitely feel like all of the work was so so worth it and am so grateful that you two are both able to nurse so well and so often.

Speaking of eating, you have been putting on the pounds weighing in at just around 11 pounds each and you are both getting so long.

You sleep so much.  Up until last week we thought your sleep abilities were pretty fantastic as we would feed you at 6 pm, you would sleep until 10 pm when we would wake you up and feed you and then you would sleep until 4 or 5 am and wake us up to feed you, finally waking up around 7 am for the day.  Last week we decided to trick you a little bit and it worked (fingers crossed).  We now feed you around 5:30 pm and then you sleep until 2:30 am (Alice) and 4:30 am (Isla).  We are thrilled.

You're asleep right now and we are decorating the tree.  We can't wait to have our first Christmas with you as a family.

xoxo mommy


  1. Wow has it really been 4 months already? Time is flying by that's for sure! I like reading your updates to see what Aiden will be like in a month!

  2. don't you just love it when they sleep well?? :) they are really lovely, happy holidays!

  3. So so sweet. Love this post and love those sweet babies of yours. I'm so happy you get to spend your first Christmas with them soon! Our first Christmas with Mila is this year too. So special! :)

  4. Love this! What a difference a year makes! They are beautiful!

  5. Did I read that right? Does Isla normally sleep 11 hours? And Alice 9? If so, please come train my girls... the longest stretch I have ever gotten was 4. That happened once. They're over 6 months...

    The girls are so cute! Have a fabulous holiday with them!

  6. I just cant wait to kiss these little faces! Beautiful post, Ash.

  7. I think their looks have really changed this month, they are looking older and older. So sweet!

  8. Thank you for all of your kind comments!

    @Stace - I think I totally jinxed myself because last night they woke every three hours which they haven't done in weeks!

    @Stephanie - yes I really find their faces are changing!

  9. Wow, they look so much older!
    I love that they are sleeping so well, it gives me hope!
    I can't wait til Christmas either, it will be so much better than last year (I got my last BFN on December 23rd).
    And their outfits are sooo cute too!

  10. I love your posts to them! It always makes me teary-eyed!


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