chaotic recap... first edition + moustache wrap up

I have been thinking about doing a weekly recap for sometime now but was worried if I started off with something complicated... (read time intensive)... I would ultimately fail... let myself down... stress about it.... but I am a big fan of Elizabeth's blog and she too is a new mom and she regularly puts out entertaining weekly updates so I've decided to dive in with something low pressure yet consistent... so thanks Elizabeth for inspiring me to get this done... here goes...

Last weekend we decided to introduce Isla and Alice to the exersaucer....

seriously mommy... i'm too small for this thing!

yeah this pillow isn't fooling anyone TOO SMALL you hear me!

I think the fish is looking at me...

side note... seriously... this is my living room... I know if you don't have a baby you are probably thinking my living room will never look like this... it will I promise you... and you will love it (although come 7 o'clock my ocd kicks in a all of this magically disappears... until the next morning)

On Saturday Andrew and I had a mini date night and a short night out to a friend's birthday.  Funny when your date starts promptly at 6 pm and you have to call it a night at 9:45 pm to get home and feed your babies (yeah they take a bottle at this feeding but tell that to my boobs).

no this isn't us in case you were curious...  but damn they look like they're having a good time... i especially love the fact that he isn't sporting a stache (photo via nadine bozek)

On Sunday we had friends over for dinner... this is a big deal... I mean back in the pre babies days we did this all of the time.  Since the twins have arrived we have done this once and that was this Sunday.  It felt kind of wonderful having a real night in with friends with two blissfully sleeping babies..  oh wait make that one sleeping baby + one baby who wanted to giggle with our friend all night... oh well, I will take the giggling any day.

we (and I mean Andrew) made this... we love this... try it... you will too

midweek Andrew ordered a tripod for our new camera...

Heidi ordered the box..

yeah her head was in there two minutes ago...

In an effort to encourage more tummy time I decided to spice things up a little and put them up in the air on their tummys... also encouraging some one on one mommy and baby bonding time... which I love.

god i love this face

a lesson recently learned... when they fall asleep in the car seat... leave them there because they might actually sleep in there for two hours...

Lastly, we watched Water for Elephants this week.... yeah it takes a week to watch a movie in this household... and I have to say Robert Pattinson + Reese Witherspoon + animal cruetly = disappointing.  I was definitely on team elephant for this one... two words... skip. it.

Now for the moustache wrap up.... because you know you want to see this...

oh it's so close it's scary I know!

four weeks down and movember is offically over!

so long stache... I will never miss you

happy weekend!


  1. Haha, those pictures and captions in the exesaucer are so funny! I was wondering when the right time to introduce that would be - maybe a few more weeks. :) And my living room looks like that too and I feel like it's a maze just trying to get to the couch. The swing, play mat, and bouncy seat sure take up a lot of room!

  2. First- your babies are SO ADORABLE!!
    Second- my livingroom looks just like that! (I love your ottoman)
    Third- I loved the book Water for Elephants but haven't seen the movie yet (it takes us days to watch a tv show on DVR so I can't even imagine trying a movie)

  3. Love this to see what your week looks like!
    Your girls are soooooo cute!!!

  4. So cute, I love e tells tales too!
    The excersaucer pics are sooo funny!!!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Love this update! I have been wanting to try to excersaucer too, but I think Aiden is still too little. That's awesome you guys got a date night. My hubby has a beard going on right now for no shave November and refuses to shave it now that it's December...I HATE IT! The girls are getting so big!

  6. That chicken pie looks incredible. Just like out of a magazine. YUM!

  7. Hey,
    Gave you an award today on my blog. Don't feel obligated to pass it on...just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated! :)

  8. I love the picture of baby on your knees. Be careful though... I did that a few weeks ago and ended up with a face full of baby spitup! :) (And then my 2 year old tried to join in by spitting on my face because it looked "fun")

  9. Those exersaucers are going to be mommy's best friend. Contained & entertained, what's not to like. And I just sent that Chicken Leek Pie link to my husband. Looks delish.

  10. Ah the exersaucer. Tommy didn't really start getting into it until a few weeks ago. But he was in that thing the moment he turned 4 months :P Now at 6 months, he actually plays (i.e. makes noise) with the toys on there.

    And my living room is ALWAYS messy. It's my OCD husband that comes home and picks it up :P

    BTW, I may borrow this weekly recap thing too. :)


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