more om in my yoga please

I wish I could order up a yoga class in the same manner that I order a grande non-fat extra hot with cinnamon on top chai latte at starbucks... exactly how I like it.  Unfortunately such is not the case... well not the case anywhere close by.  You see, I go to yoga to unwind, to stretch out my life, and detox my brain.  I go to the gym to kick my ass and change my body.  The problem is my yoga class has morphed into something too athletic, where instead of chanting you get one hundred abs and instead of feeling rejuvenated and adequately challenged when I depart I feel like I just ran a marathon in the desert and I'm mad about it.

There are other classes out there that are more like my latte... problem is they are father away and time right now is a premium.

Photo by Dave Holland
Do you do yoga?  Is your class your ideal or what would it be if you could order it up the way you want it every time?


  1. I know exactly what your talking about! When I first started yoga, it was all about the "oomm". You know, feeling happy with your life, calm, relaxed. Then we moved. Tried a new yoga place, and it was completely different. It was all about getting fit and toned and "looking good for bathing suit season"- this is soooo not why I do yoga. I stopped going there after a month. I still can't find the right place :(

  2. I wish we had a real yoga studio. Even if it was for an athletic style yoga. I'd pretty much take anything at this moment.

    Just found your blog, it is soo cute!

  3. I love yoga. I've been doing it pretty intensively for 10 years. I've been lucky enough to study with very excellent teachers, which has made me quite picky. I like classes with a good amount of backbending, but I also like classes that focus on twists or on inversions. And there is a great distance I will go for a good restorative class. It sounds like there are good studios in Ottawa, and I hope you find a class that fits your needs and desires.
    Augusta (not anonymous)


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