chaotic recap... third edition

Last Saturday night was a get all dressed up, go to Andrew's Christmas party, pretend we're real adults for a night and socialize with other real adults, drink what you think was a reasonable amount, learn a couple hours later that it was far too much for your out of drinking practice self and pay dearly when your daughters wake you several times that night to feed... kind of night.

in short... it was awesome with a side of awful.

Isla and Alice started talking to each other... it started with a few direct smiles and escalated to full on giggling and talking to one another, amazing to watch...

i think i know you from somewhere...

yes i believe you shared a womb with me...

also amazing, when they look right at you when you talk to them.

Yesterday I baked... well it was more like we baked (my Mom, my Mother-in-Law and Myself)... and unlike last year... success was had!

The makings of a hello dolly bar... this time I didn't literally LAYER the ingredients into the pan and I put more than the suggested 1/3 cup of condensed milk... (recipe)

Sugar cookies... I would like to say that I was responsible for the perfect cut outs but it was really Andrew's Mom who rolled out the dough and cut out these goodies... yes I still need to ice them. (recipe from Martha Stewarts Cookie book)

These gingerbread cookies were very easy to make (this coming from someone not at home in the kitchen).  Oh and I swear... this is the ONLY pan where the cookies had a bit of a run in with one another.  (recipe)

Now we just need to hide these somewhere until Christmas (and then I need to give as many away as possible..)

Another first this week... Alice has decided that she wants to hold her bottle (she gets bottles during the night and sometimes one during the day)...

Andrew's let her actually hold it a couple of times at night but he credits her super sticky hands rather then brute strength...

I had to throw this in here simply because those baby legs that Isla is sporting used to look like giant adult sized tights on their tiny newborn legs...

now... not so much.

Today the plan was to go to a movie but then Isla decided not to sleep much again last night and I thought I would likely sleep through a movie... so we went Christmas shopping instead...

and by Christmas shopping I really mean I bought things for myself shopping.  I haven't really shopped in over a year, for clothes that aren't for a baby related purpose (maternity, nursing, for the babies... you get it).  I had been very reluctant to shop for myself because I kept wanting to lose more weight from the pregnancy.  Well all of the skinny jeans fit now so I figure it's safe now.  So today I didn't go looking for anything for myself... I went looking for Christmas presents and I did find some but it always happens that when I am not looking for myself and when I really shouldn't be spending money on myself... that I actually find things I love.

I came home with two.  Happy early birthday present to me.

And finally... some more sweet pictures of our sweet girls that I took these past couple of days...

This weekend we have no official plans but I am sure there will be some Christmas shopping and lots of giggles.

Are you finished your Christmas shopping?

Happy Weekend!


  1. your babies are so so cute!! and i totally get the shopping for yourself thing! it's so hard because i feel like i have finally gotten my body back, so when i'm out supposedly shopping for others, i keep seeing clothes that i haven't been able to fit into in over a year and want to buy buy buy!! ugh.

  2. I absolutely love the pictures of the two of them talking to each other!! They are going to be the best of friends! I'm jealous that you got some baking done, I want to try those hello dolly bars...yum!

  3. Your girls are adorable! Love the recaps you do.

    Enjoy your weekend and the giggles!!

  4. They are just so adorable! I bet it is awesome to se then aknowledge each other!!!
    Yay for skinny jeans!!
    Good luck finishing up shopping!!!

  5. Stopping by from E's site ~ your girls are absolutely adorable!
    Love your recap. Love even more that you are a fellow Canadian. Woot woot.

  6. You look FABULOUS in that photo! Yay for adult date night. Your girls are so adorable - love the little babylegs.

  7. You look amazing & those photos of the girls talking to each other are so incredibly precious!! That has to be such an amazing thing to see, love this weeks recap!

  8. It's so awesome how you have one of you and one of your husband! So cute.

  9. You have to post a video of the twins talking to eachother!!! Love the pic of you and your hubby- all dressed up!

  10. uh, you have the cutest kiddos. i want to squeeze them!

  11. Your girls are beautiful! Twins are fun... my sisters are twins, and it seems like they still have a language just for the two of them. :)

  12. your little ones are just so precious! :)
    and i definitely want some of your baked goods! they looks so yummy!! ;)

  13. The girls are so cute! Can't wait to see them

  14. Just stopping in for a boo at the little ones!

    Um, no way are they identical now!! What do those doctors know anyway??

  15. I have twin envy...secretly hoping to have my own someday. ;-)

    They are really beautiful.


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