Isla has decided to start training early for her future luging career...

every time we strip off her pants she assumes the "luging" position...

then she likes to freestyle a little...

a little more...

then she gets all calm and gets all "what are you looking at... I am just training for my future luging days"

I assume she is reviewing her technique...

and back to luging we go...

changing her has become a chorus of us shouting out "luging!!!"

the only question remaining is whether it will be singles or whether Alice will get in on the plan and go doubles.

happy tuesday!


  1. How funny!!!
    You haven't posted many pics of dh but from the ones you have isla looks just like him, or am I imagining that?

    1. yes everyone says that Isla looks like Andrew... for some reason I don't see it!

  2. Haha, your picture captions are too funny!

  3. Luging twins. Girl twins. That would bring a whole new appeal to the sport! Cover of Sports Illustrated FOR SURE :-)

  4. Too funny! Thanks for sharing Ashely...I needed a smile this morning :)


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