chaotic recap... sixth edition

Last weekend we did something that was a big deal...

for me...

we relocated the girls...

to their room...

I pictured confused faces staring at us + crying if we dared to even think about leaving the room with them in it.

I thought we would have to move in and sleep on a mattress on the floor for a while.

well Friday night we put them into their crib and slowly backed out of the room...

not a peep..

not one cry...

Andrew made fun of me as I hovered over our video monitor teasing me about needing to jump into action at the first whimper.

that night was hard for me.  clearly they were ready, but I was not.

they grow up so fast.

They are big into the solids now.  So big in fact that Alice stares up at me and munches with her mouth as if to say, get that boob out of my face and give me the stuff that comes on a spoon!

we're still waiting on the high chairs... apparently they've cleared customs... could they get here already so we can stop with the sketchy bumbos + chairs combo that I know you will judge me for!

I find myself wondering how long I will continue to breastfeed.  I am pretty determined to make it to a year... but then what... do they still need some sort of milk after that... pretty sure... and how long do they drink from a bottle... maybe we should give them a sippy cup... but will that confuse them?

Last weekend we had a little birthday party here for my Mom.

this also marked the night of Isla's first beer...

we are getting close to being able to sit up on our own.  Just a few more weeks i think...

I'm in no rush.  It's so easy to contain them right now.  First comes sitting, next comes crawling.... !!

we're spending a ton of time reading, Alice stares right at the pages and Isla tries to eat them.

Their faces keep changing...

especially Alice's...

 those eyes!

 love Isla's little round face

so does Heidi!

what is that furry thing?

Mommy, what is it?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

We'll be busy laughing with these two.

Happy Friday!


  1. Aww, do they sleep in the same crib together at night? That is so sweet!! Glad the transition went well though. I have the same questions about how long babies drink milk/formula.

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! The girls are growing up so fast. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I also wonder how long I'll breastfeed for. My initial long term goal was a year, but I wonder if I'll go a little longer. I've heard that after a year most babies only nurse 2-3x/day/. Nothing like nursing a newborn lol!

  4. These are such sweet photos! I love the one of the girls sleeping together in the crib. Just precious!! I know they grow up way too fast. My daughter will be three next month, seriously three, already. Where does the time go. I am enjoying every minute with her and trying to keep her "little" as long as possible.

  5. They are just precious and getting so big!


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