thank god for the bachelor

This morning the girls decided that it was sleepless in Ottawa ...

i won't bore you with the gritty details but i will tell you that I have never looked forward to two mindless hours of the bachelor with such gusto.

thank you ben for having a slew of ridiculously dramatic women vying for your attention, thank you for not coming off (yet) as a slick and slimy man, and thank you woman (I think your name is Chantal) that works at the morgue from Brad's season for crashing this bachelor party and making this drama filled season all the better..

bachelor 1, ashley's frustration... gone

... and I even painted my nails

what's your favourite form of mindless entertainment?


  1. I love that show!!!! I think those girls where so MEAN! HELLO do you think she just showed up because she saw him on TV? No they have been talking and stuff.

  2. @ousoonerchick - yes exactly, super mean... mind you... she was showing signs of crazy... just a little.

  3. I LOVE The Bachelor. These girls are kind of crazy and definitely mean. I always end up thinking how there is no way I could have ever been on the show. :)

  4. I can't wait to watch - I have it on my DVR. And I so need to paint my toe nails!!

  5. I wasn't feeling great last night, so I went to bed early, but you better believe I am watching it tonight!
    These ladies are crazy!!!!!

  6. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is so ridiculous, but I've been totally getting sucked in the past few seasons. Television really doesn't get any more fun...

  7. oh boy, I'm totally guilty of being sucked into this show too! I wasn't going to cause 2hrs of drama takes up too much space on the pvr, but I found it online and woops, I'm hooked. SO MUCH crazy this season.


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