ashley does daycare

Do you remember when I wondered... out loud... whether I would go back to work?  I don't think I ever, for a second, seriously thought I could do it.  and I'm not going to.  how could I ever leave them.

instead... I'm doing daycare.

I'm doing it.

don't try to convince me not to.

my mind is made up

Two babies are wonderful and by caring for two more we will be able to keep up with our life... financially speaking.  I want to take in two.  I would love to take in two the same age as our girls.  In a perfect world I will take in twins.

So I am starting to research, to plan and to mentally draw pictures of what this will all look like.

The girls are only five months old so I still have more than half of my maternity leave to work things out.

do I need a name? will the main play room take over the office or will it be in the basement? what colour should we paint this room?  what furniture should we buy?  how will I get them to the park every day?  will we go on outings other than the park?  what will I feed them?  where will they sleep?  will our girls actually be on a nap schedule at that point?

we need more books.

operation daycare is now in session... you may think I'm crazy

... I kind of sort of think that I will love it.

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have ideas, advice, words of wisdom, words of caution... please do share!


  1. I think its the best of both worlds!!!
    You get to stay with he girls, but still make money!
    Also, it will socialize the girls better!
    You should lay out some rules (holidays, hours, sick, etc).
    The easiest way to set that up is to go tour daycares in the area and get ideas from them!!
    Good luck!!

  2. Well I kind of think its awesome! My mom took in a few kids for childcare when there were four of us already, but we just played together all day! I am sure your two will love it as well. Best of luck!

  3. I think it sounds wonderful! Busy, crazy, hectic...but wonderful! I had thought about it at one point too, but with JJ being home most of the time, it just made sense for me to go back to work.

  4. I don't think it is crazy at all!! My suggestion is to do it 'right' in that remember that this isn't something you want to be doing for a friend without a contract.

    My mom told me this story about how she had started doing that when I was a baby. Taking in babies of her friends for a certain price. But her friends would often call at 9 a.m. and say they weren't bringing their baby by because of xyz reason. Then they wouldn't pay her.

    So my recommendation would be to look into any of your city's rules/regulations regarding in-home daycare, insurance, etc and get a basic contract drafted up (or make your clients prepay per month or whatever).

    GREAT idea!

  5. Great idea! You sound entirely jazzed.

  6. I am so jealous of your maternity leave. Five months and not half over - mine isn't even five months!

  7. Good for you! I considered this as well, but the logistics of it just wouldn't work with our current situation. When I saw that you have a little over half of your maternity leave left after five months, I was shocked and curious as to where you work, but then I remembered that you're in Canada. Lucky duck. My leave was six weeks (unpaid, of course). Thinking that six weeks is adequate time for a new mother to spend with her baby(ies) is barbaric. I'm guessing you have a year? Enjoy every minute of it!

  8. good luck! taking care of 2 babies is hard work, but FOUR is more than a handful! :) you're doing so great with the twins, i'm sure this will be a great arrangement for your whole family.

    I hope you find perfect little friends for your perfect little girls.

  9. I am so excited for you! The thought of going back to work after having the twins puts me into a panic at times, but it seems like you have found a solution that will hopefully work for you and your family. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Oh man, I wish I lived in the city!!!!

  11. So great that you're figuring out something that feels right for you!!!
    I wish I lived where you live and could send my twins to you!
    Good luck! I'm sure it will all come together and you will have a magical space for four little ones. :)

  12. I am so happy for you and this new endeavor!

    Did I catch in there that you have a year maternity leave? Wowza! That is so so great!! Is it something that is standard in Canada?


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