we ate food

and it was delicious!

who knew organic brown rice cereal could taste so damn good....

mommy and daddy have been holding out on us!


yes, that's right... we fed them the solid stuff

well sort of solid if mush counts for solid

we sat them in their bumbos (we ordered high chairs on friday... I'm excited!!)... we mixed that mush up... we approached the babies...

they ate that mush like they were made to do it

they took down 2 tbps together yesterday

well, they must have strategized last night because today...

they ate 4 tbps each

solid foods, here. we. come


  1. We are breaking into that world too!

  2. Gah...I'm having total baby gush over these pictures. :D

  3. Its a fun new world for these kids isn't it. Our girls are eating it up too. We've been doing organic oatmeal because the rice didn't settle well and they just love it.

  4. This is awesome, so glad they did well and liked it!!!

  5. So exciting!!!! Wow, they really took to it, I hope Avery does too!

  6. YAAAAAAY! Way to go, girls! Next stop, mojitos!

  7. We are there too! Not too keen on the cereal, but are loving sweet potatoes, peas, pears and bananas!

    Mama is loving her baby bullet!


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