chaotic recap... holiday edition

better late then never right?

here goes...

I think the word obscene might come to mind... this sea of presents was ridiculous!


alice: you grab the cat while I get this ribbon undone
isla: what's the cat?

all decked out in their first christmas sleepers... and bibs... yeah they match... so what, it's christmas

um mommy should I be drinking this?

alice giving papa the stare down

christmas begins with a cocktail in our house!  my parents always drank caesars christmas morning growing up but i prefer the bubbly!

I started baking these last christmas morning... and I've been addicted ever since... cranberry orange muffins from williams sonoma... yum yum.

it's the silliest moments that make the best memories...

pretty sure that I was getting all mommy emotional (oh god can you believe we have two) on him right here...

grandma thanks for the tag, I love it... now what is this thing on my head...

christmas dinner at my parent's house.

leave it to my drama student sister to have us all acting mad for a photo (apparently I suck at mad)

followed up with the kissy face... (I think I need to start wearing lipstick!)

and then Christmas day was over... their first Christmas was a busy one but a fabulous one.

and then we had Andrew to ourselves for another week...

we had our first new years...

we spent it at home with good friends, playing board games.

we've come so far in a year.

hope your holidays were just as happy.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, precious pictures! They really capture great memories of your first Christmas with your girls.

  2. These pictures are amazing! I need to know where you got those blocks, that play mat, and how you got them to like the baby carrier? My baby hates it!

  3. I love the pics!!!! What a beautiful family!

  4. Aw, you guys just look so HAPPY!

  5. Great Christmas Recap! Beautiful photos! Your little girls are precious.

  6. What a lovely set of photos. Looks like you had a lovely time. My favourite has to be the "alice giving papa the stare down" picture! So cute!!

  7. @Bridget - got the blocks from fab baby gear - they are made by B. which I think stands for Battat Inc. They also make ones with the full alphabet which we plan on getting. The mat is by Infantino, it's from babies r us. As for the carrier, we've always put them in them and they've always been pretty into it. I think the key is just to keep doing it and maybe finding the position that they prefer. Always try it out when they're in a good mood and a dry diaper.

  8. awww - so cute! What a great recap of their first Christmas!

  9. I'm playing catch up on your blog...these photos make me so happy. What a beautiful family. You can tell there is so much love.


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