my new favourite jeans

I have a serious case of the winter take two blahs.  I mean we could see our back deck just a few days ago and now all we see is snow.  Clearly the groundhog was wrong this year.  Winter is here for a while more.

Of course I have a few things around to keep me smiling... two of them being of the baby variety and another in the form of a new favourite pair of jeans.  The last pair of jeans that I bought was a year ago and they were maternity jeans.  Come Christmas my Mom was lightly suggesting that I should pick out a new pair of jeans (I mean maybe I was walking around in jeans that were literally falling down... maybe)...  So I did some couch browsing and found that shopbop carried my forever favourite Ava jeans.  They arrived Christmas morning in a box from my parents.  Unfortunately when I put them on I realized that they were just too straight and just not skinny enough so I sent them back.  A couple of weekends ago my Mom and I made the trek to Holt Renfew (where I actually felt like I was in a museum of sorts .... my.... have things ever. changed) and I tried on the Paige Verdugo jeans.  Loved them.  They look great and are super flexible... which is a must when you spend half your day rolling around on the floor.


yeah I didn't get them in mint... mine are lighthouse... but I'm liking the mint too.

do you have a pair of favourite wear until they split down the butt jeans?


  1. Oh la la, those look sexy! Do you wear them with heels ever or flats?

    1. yeah i haven't taken the plunge into skinnies+heals just quite yet so flats it is... although right now flats are in the form of flat boots.

  2. Super cute! My mom makes fun of me bc I walk around the house in jeans that fall off too! I even went out and bought a new pair only to have them fall off as well. I guess I just don't believe that I've lost all the baby weight?!

  3. Oh I really want some bright coloured jeans. They're so fab. I am just hoping they're still around when I am done with being pregnant and am happy enough enough with my size to go shopping for new jeans.

  4. oh, I love coloured jeans. and my favourite pair ever just ripped. but i'm hoping to be donning mat jeans, so i'll be sitting this trend out :( :))


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