chaotic recap... eighth edition

It's been a couple of weeks... I know...

We've been a little busy...

doing things like this...

The girls are so mobile now and they aren't even crawling.  It's getting more and more of a challenge to quarantine them to a mat... rug.... space.... every day.

The cats have become a primary form of entertainment.  Heidi in particular, has taken to this new found responsibility.

Alice: oh... there's that furry thing...
Alice: I must touch it
Heidi: here she comes... I'm so excited.... yet fear for my slowly growing back fur...

Alice: success.  now let me pull your fur
Heidi: yeah this doesn't feel great but this little person seems to love me so I'm not going to do anything to change that.

Isla is definitely a thinker... always sizing up a situation...

always looking like she's wondering whether something is safe or not before proceeding..

but this could all change... as we've learned many times already...

Alice seems to jump into new things without a thought...

I've taken so many pictures but had yet to print off even one until last weekend.

These were just too precious not to print...

 Alice's face keeps changing...

everyone that sees her says so.

she seems to have grown a neck.

and it sure is adorable.

this is where we spend most of our days...

flying in the sky...

 rolling around on the ground...

and bouncing... lots and lots of bouncing...

alice has a new technique...

the jump, grab her feet and spin technique...

she loves it.

Lately they've been making each other laugh so much.

I love it.

Last week I made dinner... twice!  (If you don't know by now... I don't normally do this... I married a man who cooks...)

I have to say... I used to loath the crock pot... but I've changed my ways... realized the no pressure awesomeness of the slow cooker.

I made this and this.  yummy.

Do you have plans for the weekend?

It's supposed to be sunny and warm here... I can't wait!

Happy weekend!


  1. They are looking so much older, especially the one flying in the air! And the bouncing technique is perfect, such a flexible girl, ha! The crock pot is my new love also, but I hate when I'm home all day and have to smell the goodness cooking but can't eat it for another 5+ hours.

  2. They are so cute!! I love how they make each other laugh. My little guy just discovered the dog and is reaching out to "pet" the beast. He grabbed him in the eye the other day and the dog just blinked as if to say, "It's fine. I love you so much I don't mind your razor-sharp fingernail in my retina." Even though I hate the dog most of the time these days, they are cute together.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures...fantastic! Can't wait to meet you guys :)

  4. They are so cute! I love their necklaces, do you keep them on all the time?

    1. Yes we do. At night we take them off of their necks, double them up and put them around their ankles with a sock over that foot to keep them in place.

    2. Where did you get them? I would love to get my daughter one.

    3. we got them at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe - no idea if they ship to the US but you could get the manufacturer's name off the site if they don't and hopefully find someplace local.

  5. They are just too cute!! I just love your pictures! Isn't it great to see them interact?? My two are going through a 'I MUST have whatever you're playing with' phase. I've just rediscovered my slow cooker too, although I wish I could say I had a cooking husband like yours!!! :)
    I had wanted to get amber necklaces for my two, but kept putting it off until it was too late for the first two teeth. I've been thinking of getting them for the next set. Do you really think they work? Where did you get yours?

    1. cooking husband = amazing!

      my dad was a cooker too so it was kind of a must have for me!

      as for the necklaces we got ours at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe! I don't know if they work to be honest. I know Isla hasn't been crazy upset with the first tooth coming in so they could be working.

  6. Twin baby girls? SAHM? Cloth diapers? The awesome strawberry pajamas that I bought for my girls a few days ago?

    Yes. I love your blog. lol. :)

    (We're also giving the crock pot a shot. Mixed results so far...)

    1. your girls are adorable! try the chicken, asparagus and pear crock pot recipe I tried... it was great (assuming you eat meat of course).

  7. Your babies are absolutely gorgeous!!! It is my dream to have twins. I know it much be so much hard work but totally worth it. You are so blessed sweetie.
    Following ya!


  8. Soooo cute! That picture of the two in one crib? So stinking cute!!!


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