rain dance

A little bit about what's been happening around here...

Isla cut her first tooth.  It's broken through.  She's been a good little trooper I must say.  The only telling sign... she no longer likes to nap.  Well she likes to nap... for thirty minutes.  She also got up at 5am this morning instead of her usual 7am.  Fun times over here.

Pretty sure that Alice is up next...

Oh well it's a milestone they must conquer and kind of exciting to witness.

I do think those necklaces have been working their magic powers though.  No inconsolable babies over here.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

A for rent sign went up next door (cue me... jumping up and down with excitement).  Of course we live next to the only house on our street that is rented... not that I have anything against renters at all.  Our streak of luck however has been less than stellar.  When our neighbors last year came a knockin and proclaimed that they were moving to new york city I had to contain my laughter... and my excitement.  Well be careful what you wish for because three girls moved in... nice yes... that was until they decided to park on. the. front. lawn.... like all winter.  You have no idea how hard I had to fight my urge to go and buy a No Parking sign and place it on our lawn... so hard.  Please... please... please... some nice neighbors with no lawn parking tendencies... please.

Yesterday it went up to +12.  (Celcius my friends)  which where I live... feels like a balmy... I no longer require my winter coat... type of day.  It was awesome.  This means we can also see grass which makes me feel so so happy.... now we just need to get rid of all this snow.

Bring on the rain dance!

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How is your week?


  1. ha ha, we just got renters across the street to. We are less than thrilled. our neighbors tried for 6 months to sell their house but didn't. so now they are renting it. thanks a lot guys! everyone else is pissed. renters just moved in after several months of "for rent" on the house. meh. could be worse. but i could do without their loud half broken down pickup truck rumbling in and out all the time.

    1. ugg frustrating for your neighbors who couldn't sell and very frustrating to have a new addition.. in the form of a pickup truck... barreling down your road.

  2. I must say I feel your pain.
    Last winter we never noticed the people directly across the streets obsession with "clunkers", aka older non working cars, and dogs.
    It wasn't until last winter when the snow melted that we saw their love of vehicles.
    They have 3 parked in the drive way - God only know what they have in garage and they park two parallel at the end of the drive way - those are the two they use daily.
    Let’s not even talk about the dogs - a great dane that is the size of a horse - I kid you not! And a bulldog. The great dane is the speaker for the two and isn't very fond of people so she'll rush at you barking and the bulldog follows with nothing much to say, more or less just to be a part of the action.
    I must say it has gotten better since the City Bylaw Officer came out and made them put up a fence - yay! one accomplishment.
    We love animals!! But we all know that in the winter vehicles cannot stop as quickly as they can in the summer – so you don’t want to have any extra hood ornaments then we all already collect! 

    Oh and the people to the left of our house like to park on their lawn as well!!! And blast Ukrainian Opera music!!!

    I know you’re jealous!!! LOL!!! Come on over for a lil visit!! Have a looks-ie loo for yourself!!! 
    And to think we live in a golf course community!!! The nerve!!! LOL!
    To each their own!
    Since we live on the corner, it's always interesting!!!

    Yikes!!! Teeth and nursing!!
    I remember my mom holding her breath a lot when my little brother started cutting teeth while she was nursing.
    I think she said that a book she read told her that if they clamp down to push back – gently.
    I could totally be wrong – I have no experience, clearly!
    But just thought I’d pass along the bit of wisdom I had heard.


    1. okay... you win... cars + more cars + loud huge dogs!! Oh my. Our renters have dogs too, little ones so not so bad. Your situation sounds out of hand! And on a golf course. Money does not buy class... clearly.

      as for the biting, there's been minimal and I'm still not sure what to do. I am trying to not react at all in hopes that she will realize it does nothing and then not do it. But that might not be the right approach.

  3. Oh man, I keep feeling for toofs popping up in Chloe's mouth but a) she won't let me look, she sticks her tongue out like that's what I want to see, silly girl, and b) I don't think there is anything yet for me to see. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be in pain, but hopefully her sleep schedule goes back to normal.

    1. yeah we would check now and then and then a couple of days ago a sharp little dot appeared. Alice won't let us see at all though... all tongue!

  4. Is not sleeping a sign of teething? Emily has started hating naps (she only sleeps for 30 minutes too) and has been waking up in the middle of the night. Hmmmmm.

  5. yes, love the weather :) hope this is a sign that winter is over. I would hate for it to be -15 again in a week! :)

  6. Well I can't sympathize with the snow thing considering we have had an all green winter (I don't think snow has lasted more than 1.5 days - makes for nice dry sidewalks!)...but I do like the warm days! Today not so much but next week for sure. Good luck with the little tooth!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...


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