an unusual date night.... involving crayons

This date did not involve dinner and a movie... well yeah... we ate first okay... but that wasn't part of the date.  Nope, this date was a different sort.  The sort that involved a box of 96 crayons, a bunch of glue sticks, a glue gun and a blow dryer. Yes I know, we are likely the last people on earth who made this... (she made this... and she made this (hers looks perfect)) but we made it... and it was awesome... so now you get to read about it.

I hadn't had my hands on a box of crayons for years... and years... but wow, does that smell ever bring you back and I have to say it's kind of exciting opening up all of those crayons and wondering at the possibilities that they could create.

first order of business... figuring out the order to put the crayons in.  I just sort of went with what I thought worked and then took a few out since not all 96 crayons were going to fit across the canvas I bought.

next up... glue gunning each crayon on.  Andrew was the glue gunner... I was the crayon placer... we worked in sets of threes... glue enough on to get three crayons on and then I stuck them on... very. easy.

voila... ready to be melted into a masterpiece...

so this was one of those things that actually looked easier than it was.

it wasn't rocket science but I just sort of thought the crayons would melt all thick and perfect... not quite... it's a bit tricky... or at least it was for us.  I had the blowdryer on high heat but low power and even at that it was hard to avoid rogue melted crayon flying across the canvas (and also off of the canvas... onto Andrew's shirt ... and jeans (sorry)).

but we seemed to get the hang of it and think it turned out quite well.

it certainly beats out a night of watching tv on the couch

and it's kind of perfect for the new in-progress playroom.

great date night... indeed.


  1. How cool! I hadn't seen these before, but they definitely are an interesting, and colorful, piece of art!

  2. very fun! I love how each one that I see in blogland is its own masterpiece. Can't wait to see more of the "in progress" playroom.

  3. We did one of those for my hubby's best friend, he bought a new house and to say it was a bachelor pad is an understatement.
    It reall spruced up his bathroom!
    We did one for our living room, as well - LOVE IT!!!
    It was tons of fun!

  4. It turned out nice. I just bought the supplies to make one for our nursery yesterday.

  5. What a fun idea! It looks great!

  6. I saw this on Pinterest! Good to see it actually works in real life! ;$

  7. That is so cool! What an awesome idea!

  8. I saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea! The girls are growing and beautiful-love your photos, Ashley.
    Also relating to your eating like a lumberjack post!! However, you look amazing and like you are losing baby weight! keep eating!! :)


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