sharon, lois and bram are making me ponder life

Is there such thing as too much sharon, lois and bram?

yes... yes there is... of course.

but babies love repetition... love it, live for it, thrive with it.  and whoever is in the Jolly Jumper predictably starts to jump with a purpose as soon as the first song plays.

so I play that cd every single day (yes I know, I might possibly be the last person on earth who buys actual CDs instead of frequenting itunes), usually multiple times and I have to say that I've had it with Bram... especially this song... it gets stuck in my head and haunts me and I rush to the remote every time I hear it coming to skip it... but often I have a baby in my arms or are otherwise preoccupied so I don't get there in time (the song is 45 seconds... of pure torture).

they are getting to me you see... this CD makes me disappointed in myself.  There is this wonderful song (it actually is wonderful, I am not being sarcastic) that reminds you that you can do most anything that means enough to you.  This song inevitably makes me think about people asking their children what they would like to be when they grow up and then fast forwarding to what they actually end up doing.  I can't remember what I wanted to do when I grew up to be honest, but I can say with confidence that it sure wasn't what I was doing.

don't be mistaken.  I am by no means unhappy with my current life.  I love raising our children.

but one day I am pretty sure that I will want more.  And I just won't accept that doing what I was doing is it for me.  Of course I still don't know what I want to do but that's a minor detail... right?

so this is what my life has become... I now ponder the deeper meaning of children's songs...

and if you've made it this far in this post about sharon, lois and bram... I will now award you with this awesome picture... of a thinking cat.

Duncan Thinks About Life by KipHolmPhotography via etsy
Happy Thursday (or what I like to call Vampire Diaries day)!


  1. Omg Sharon Lois and Bram! They still sell their CDs? Do they still make new ones or are these old ones? I used to listen to them as a kid, I even went to one of their concerts and got to go on stage and sing with them lol it was my glory moment for years!
    Thanks for the memories this morning! :)

    Oh and I don't remember what my answer would have been but I'm not doing what I said I wanted to do either. If it wasn't for the daunting student loans I'd consider switching it up too.

    1. yes apparently they do! this one is super old I think (I remembered most of the songs somehow).

      oh and student loans.... nasty!

  2. I have no idea who those people are, but kids songs can be annoying. Check out Faffi, he isn't so bad!
    I LOVE the vampire diaries too!!!! Even my hubby likes it!

    1. Andrew's on team Damon... I'm on team Stefan... clearly.

    2. oh and thanks for the recommendation... will check it out!

  3. I too love Sharon, Lois and Bram! I consider myself very lucky to have been sitting in one of my university classes where the professor was showing a movie, he turned on the lights and there was Lois sitting there! Apparently my professor and Lois were married. Sadly he died several years after that and after his passing she retired from the group. I am glad that on the day I walked up to her and thanked her for having such a profound, hopeful impact on my life. When my baby is born later this year I too will be buying the CD or heck even dusting off my old Sharon, Lois and Bram albums to play for him or her.

    Sorry for the long post but listening to them reminds me that we are never too old to dream and that nothing is impossible. I too hope to share this with my child(ren). Love your blog! Jme

  4. HA. I really laughed out loud at this one... particularly the "...if you've made it this far along in the post, here's a picture of a thinking cat" part. What came to my mind as I was reading your writing was the idea that not all children will be able to have access to the same resources that will allow them to grow up and do whatever it is that they care enough about -- even if they care with their whole heart and soul. Perhaps I've been spending too much time abroad. Or in the US. I appreciate your personal thoughts too, though. They definitely resonate with me as well (even sans babies). xo much love, Ash.

  5. Thursday is Vampire Diaries Day at my house too!! I've been tempted to blog a full analysis of the show on Friday mornings but have restrained myself thus far. I do, however, go so far as to tell my four year old daughter that The Vampire Diaries time slot is "The Hour of Silence." I make a big show of it, and she takes it very seriously. We have an early bath and get all tucked in with a Disney movie, and then there is no talking, no getting up, no ANYTHING while I hide in the family room for an hour. Thursday night magic! Team Stefan here.

  6. Skinamarinky dinky dink.... skinamarinky doo.... I.... love... you...

    Blast from the past! Must now track down those CDs for when I finally get knocked up!!

  7. I think one of the previous posters meant you should check out "Raffi". Baby beluga, robin in the rain... all great songs with just a few really annoying ones. I find myself singing these songs even when I'm by myself. Your girls are so sweet!


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