It's what we do...

we lounge... on the floor... with the cat...

the floor provides hours of entertainment

and so does the cat

she is such a great sport

weekend chilling is even sweeter because dad dad dad dad is around

and we love dad dad dad dad

and this type of chilling... just makes me melt.

happy tuesday!


  1. So cute! My little guy has started smiling and laughing hysterically when the dog gets close. He even stuck his hand out for him to lick the other day which brought on fits of giggles. Best friends.

  2. I was sad that your previous post didn't include pictures. Yay for pictures! My girls started crawling this week. It's absolutely insane. But in a crazy way.

    1. oh god crawling! isla is wanting to sooo bad I just know it!

  3. Awww how beautiful ... and I love that you're soaking in every precious moment. By the way, like your rug... may I ask where you got it? Great for floor time... :)

    1. We got it at Ikea - it's wool and stands up to a lot!

    2. In case you meant the grey mat on top of the rug... we also got that at Ikea. Super cheap and quite soft!


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