better than vampires?

I finished reading Divergent today.  I started it on Sunday.  The girls have been napping like champs this week and I also let myself give up pumping.  So I have had time... something that has been quite scarce for some...time.  So I dug right in, parked my butt on a chair in the glorious sun on our patio, and sailed through this book.  I have to admit, I did not harbor high hopes for this one.  I mean Janet lent it to me... and she certainly did not disappoint with Outlander but still... it was one of those... if you loved Hunger Games than you'll love this book... type of books.  And I did not love Hunger Games the book ... I did love the movie but that's beside the point... I think.  So I was done Outlander and figured I'd give it a go.



perhaps trumping vampires... in my books.... good.  which says a lot in case you do not know me.

Outlander... now that was a hot book (as my Mom likes to put it) but Divergent... damn good chemistry and a whole lot of sexual tension.

read it.  you'll love it.

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what have you read lately?


  1. Loved HG, loved Divergent more. Great book, huh? Book 2 in the series *just* came out a couple of weeks ago... enjoy! Just finished the 5-book Fever series by Karen Moning- could NOT PUT THOSE DOWN. So much sexual tension you want to scream (in a good way!). Check it out!


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