a perfect day

Yesterday was my first mothers day... well... technically I did get cards last year... but this year I really do feel like a mother.

Like this is what I was made to do.

The girls woke up at 5 am... which is lately becoming normal.  I fed them.  Then Andrew took them... and I slept in.  (and of course had nightmares (not about Daddy taking care of the girls of course) but that's another day... another post).

Andrew made brunch.  Stephanie (little sis) baked raspberry muffins and Steve (Andrew's little bro) made fruit salad.  There were flowers, cards, gifts (even a surprise one from my parents who are vacationing as of late) and of course cocktails.

It was sunny.  It was warm.  and I felt the love.

In the afternoon we headed to a local nursery to look for some plants (the smell of a nursery is one of my favourite things).

We came back home and had a bbq for two and then got the girls to bed.

Bedtime cuddles are so so good.

It really was a perfect day.

I hope all of you new Mom's, old Mom's and vet Mom's had a perfect kind of day too.  And to all of you hopeful Mom's I hope that one day soon you will be able to bask in this day too.


  1. Aw, they're so darling! Happy first mother's day to you!

  2. I'm glad you had a great first Mother's Day!

  3. Beautiful day!! Happy mother's day to you!

  4. aw, glad it was everything you hoped for!Happy belated mother's day!


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