chaotic recap... thirteenth edition

Sometimes I wonder if there is too much mommy on here and not enough me... or life... non mommy... but then I think about it... honestly... and realize you can't take the mommy out of me... really... at all.  So I won't take it out or downplay it... because it really does take over... but maybe I will try to pull out those other interests of mine... yes they still exist... they're just in hiding... for now.

so I'm shaking things up...

which you might not even notice...

what we did this week... (the baby goods... why you're probably reading this post)

on Sunday we took a little trek down a nearby trail

Auntie Stephanie came along

it was gorgeous out

we made a little discovery along this walk

the girls... they're a gettin heavy... countdown to our trip to Acadia is on... where we plan on doing some serious hiking with babies in tow... we better get our asses in shape and fast

The Lounge

god this makes me laugh

she does it everywhere

I think she's teaching Isla her lounging ways as well

Heidi is such a great sport

sometimes she plays hard-to-get

like all girls should

but eventually she gives in

 and she'll purr no mater what they do

I really think having 9 month old twins is much easier than having one 9 month old...
why is that exactly?

they entertain each other

 so I can do things sometimes... things like dishes... and laundry... but I'll take it.

what I read this week...

Janet gifted me Outlander a while back and I now marvel at what was missing in my life pre Outlander.  I am  about 50 pages shy of the end... luckily there are many more in this series.  If  you haven't read this... buy it... I know you're probably knee deep into 50 shades of gray since it seems like that is all that anyone talks about these days (and I plan on picking up this good smut myself one day soon) but when you're done... read Outlander.  Time travel + great love + manly men (my kind of man) ... hours and hours of pure gold.

I read I will not nurse you forever this morning and thought her perspective was wonderful.  I'll admit, the thought of breastfeeding a toddler used to horrify me, but now that I am breastfeeding, my perspective is changing... maybe not all the way there but I am wondering about this whole weaning business.

what I did for me this week...

I went to hot yoga, on a super muggy down-pouring evening and basked in a pool of sweat.  

I watched the season finale of Vampire Diaries last night and used the word epic after it was over.  yes I know I am too old to use that word. but it was.

and here are two more pictures of Isla...

1. because I love these pictures &
2. because I struggle with being equal with the girls and up until these pics... there were more Alice pics in this post than Isla

how was your week?  what do you think about weaning... or just not weaning and did you watch that epic finale?

happy friday


  1. Great post Ashley! I love Alice's lounge...too funny! Isla and Alice and just too cute for words!

    I love, love that you are loving Outlander, that makes me very happy indeed! Have you picked up the second book yet? "Dragonfly in Amber" It's just as good at the first.

  2. I LOVE the Outlander series. Jamie Fraser is the most manly of men (even though he's fiction :P).

  3. The lounge pose is the best! She sure knows how to make herself comfortable.

  4. Oh I'm so glad you took the consensus from your last book post and picked up Outlander. I don't know how anyone could NOT love these books. I'm looking forward to a summer reading of the series. You will love them all.

    And the TVD finale was epic. There's no other word. I suppose Elena becoming a vampire was inevitable in the long run, but I really didn't see it coming yesterday. In the books I think when she wakes up she doesn't remember loving Stefan, only Damon...but I can't remember. I actually thought the books were terrible and didn't finish them, but I'm wondering if that's the way they will go next season. I kind of hope not--I needed more quality Stefan time than the finale provided.

    Thanks for talking about two of my favorite things in this post. The girls are looking beautiful and about to crawl at any second.

  5. The lounge cracks me up!!!!!

    Wow, hiking with 9 month olds!!!!!!

  6. I got nothing on weaning or vampires, but I love the lounge!! The girls look amazing, and so do you.

  7. I am doing my best to wean but having the hardest time. I've had three weaning malfunctions this week - soaked shirts and everything.

    The girls are adorable!! I am so excited to be home with my little guy and looking for any and all tips on how to spend the day! You guys always look like you're doing so much and having a blast.


  8. Love the new pics Ashley, and your commentary!

    Luv N&P

  9. Happy Mothers Day Ashley!

  10. ohmygosh, the "lounge" made me laugh out loud! My niece does that too, it's hilarious.

    Hope you had a great mom's day!!


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