chaotic recap... fifteenth edition

The recap is back.  It's been a bit busy around here and will get busy again soon but this morning the girls are playing together so I have some time.  We've been busy with our first roadtrip, with ashley does daycare and with just the everyday happenings of two ten month olds.

So this is more of a multi-week goes...

what we did this week... (the baby goods... why you're probably reading this post) 

the girls are full into wanting what mommy + daddy use... 

caught in the act...

alice: seriously... i was just looking at it

alice: mommy turned her head.... thank god... i have to update my facebook profile... i mean do people even realize that i eat oranges now too?

A couple of friday's ago Stephanie (auntie stephanie) and I took the girls for a little picnic in a park

Little did I realize that it was largely a dog park... well I think that fact just made for a more entertaining day with the girls gawking at the dogs that came to visit our picnic

Is it just me or does she look like she is contemplating throwing a spell at mommy?

Daddy came by after work and Isla and Alice were delighted.  

Isla: this can't be real... I mean this thing that calls people is finally all mine...

Isla: all. mine.

in other news... Alice has figured out how to climb over Isla
Isla doesn't seem to care one bit


 and this is the after... one shirtless baby stalking one fluffy cat

the before: I think we need a pool... Alice has decided that any body of water... no matter how small... is her personal swimming pool..  this one happens to be the cats' water fountain (yes they get a fountain)

and this would be her perplexed... I mean where did all that water come from!

the cat fountain + cat food dishes now reside on the other side of this gate...

and these ones... well these ones are just because I love their gorgeous faces...

last but not least... never least... 

I give you...

the lounge..

with some added flair thrown in...

note the toe point and sharp stare...

i love it

what I read this week...

I read Insurgent... it reminded me of the second Twilight book in that it was all pain for so long... but still good.. still very very good.  Then I started Dragonfly in Amber (the Second book in the Outlander series)... I started it and then I put it on hold... I will read it but the beginning threw me off so I decided to go for something simpler.  Now I am reading The Maze Runner... which isn't my normal cup of tea but I'm still liking it.

what I did for me this week...

Went to a candlelit yoga class on Sunday night... it was pure sweaty goodness.  Spent a ton of time on playdates.  Playdates are essential for sanity.  When you see other moms with their babies and the chaos that it is... it makes you feel normal... totally normal.  

That was our week, how was yours?

happy weekend


  1. Your captions crack me up and the toe point in that last picture!! The cuteness is just too much!

  2. These pictures made my whole day- they are hilarious! I love the fb caption! How did you go about finding other moms where you live? I am having a tough time of it!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! SO cute! You take such great pictures- the lounge picture is the best!Oh, and happy belated 10 months to Alice and Isla- isn't it crazy to think that in only around 8 weeks they will be a year? My two turn 10 months tomorrow- time seems to suddenly be flying!

  4. Love the whole "what I did for Me" part! I need more of those! I'm dying to take a yoga class again, my body is in desperate need after lugging 40+ lbs around all day (my twins are at least 20 lbs each!). Love the lounge... adorable! Rocco loves to crawl over Maximus too! The other day he was STANDING on top of him what banging on the baby gate.. Maximus could have cared less! LOL!

  5. They are looking so lovely...I adore the toe pointed lounge. And those solo photos of them are just beautiful!!


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