best friends

Our cat believes in love-at-first-sight
she does
i am convinced

From that first glance at the two car seats home from the hospital she was done...

She is everywhere the girls are at...
she runs over to them when she spots them in a new place
she dutifully lays down next to them and braces herself for the predictable petting that ensues
she looks at me when they cry... thankfully there isn't a lot of crying at all... like how could I let this happen... fix it now... sort of way

but we all need our peaceful time (of course not all of us get it)..

this would be the after...

Heidi has been playing a game of where's waldo a la Heidi...

clearly she isn't as good as Waldo...

Alice or Isla usually spot her right away and rush over (army crawling all the way) to wherever she is

but she's a good sport

she just needs to learn to be more creative

with her hiding spots that is..

it's hard to be stealth... with that much fur...

mostly I am happy that she just loves them so much...

just like we do.


  1. That is too cute! I hope if we have children our cat will adapt like that.

    Your babes are sweet! :)

  2. Love the attempted hiding spots!
    Our dog took to our lo right away but our cats have just started showing interest in the past couple weeks lol took them almost three months. I hope they are as tolerant as yours is :)
    And where did you get your pool?

    1. The pool is from Walmart ... best $7 we've spent in a while!

  3. So sweet! We don't have any pets, but I often wonder how Ben and Mia would react to a little furry creature!
    Is that your new playroom? It's looking great!

    1. yes it is... and thank you! one of these days i will get around to posting pictures.

  4. Wow how cute is that cat! What a personality!

    And I love that the baby is "lounging" in every since pic in here (sorry I can't remember which one of them does "the lounge")!

  5. Oh Heidi. What a big, furry ball of love. It's so sweet to see how much she loves the girls. THanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us, Ashley.

  6. This post really made me smile! I love that she loves them so much!


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