first family vacay... visiting acadia national park

Last week we headed down east... to Acadia National Park in Maine.  Andrew and I had been there twice before and it is somewhere I want to live... seriously.... that's how much I love it.  We hadn't been for two years since I was ubber preggo last summer.  In the past two visits we've camped at Blackwoods state park.  This time around we found a rental in town in Bar Harbor on homeaway.  We thought a long drive and then camping might be a bit too ambitious for our first vacation with the girls.

The week was really my favourite vacation to date.  People tell you that there is no such thing as a vacation once you have children.  I disagree.

If you plan, decide that you will be flexible, flexible, flexible, pack a ton of snacks for every situation... you might just find yourself having a good, relaxing time.  It is totally doable.

Here are some of our hiking highlights... because that is why you go to Acadia... to climb those mountains and stare down at that glorious ocean

Our first hike was up Beachcroft trail to Champlain Mountain.  The first time Andrew and I went to Acadia we went up Beachcroft first.  It was my favourite then and I think it might still be.

we took this exact shot

and this exact shot the first time around... without the babies clearly

We switched up Alice and Isla between the two carriers for most hikes.  One in the structured "hiking" carrier up the mountain so she could look around and explore and the other in my beco gemini.. so she could sleep and snuggle in.  At the top of the mountain... we switched.  Personally I think that if you only have one baby you should carry him or her up in a soft structured carrier like the beco or ergo.  The hiking carrier is just not as comfortable for a baby... but we needed it for the actual backpack parts to pack our water, snacks, diapers... you know.

The next hike was supposed to be a less intense one but then we didn't exactly end up on the summit that we had intended so it turned out to be a four hour hike to the second highest peak in Acadia... Sargent Mountain.  The hike down was nice but the hike up was all tree roots... for two hours.  The views of the old carriage trails were worth it.

okay the view from up here was worth it too.


cloth diapering on top of a moutain...


The next hike out we did take it easy and headed to the Seawall side of the Island.

It was windy.. but so nice to be so close to that ocean smell that I love

this is from the top of Cadillac Mountain.. the highest peak.  We didn't hike it.  We've never hiked it.  Not because it's intimidating... but because you can drive up there.  It kind of takes the challenge out of it I think.

the last hike we did was the Bubbles.  This was a last minute let's find one more hike to do kind of hike.  Such a good decision.

okay there was an iron rung or two involved but the climb is the kind of climb I love.. nice open rocky face

great views

the girls seemed to have been born hikers.  They giggled and squealed and were just so happy to be outside... for hours and hours...

in the mountains.