first roadtrip

A few weekends ago I took the girls on their first roadtrip.  It was a three hour drive one way kind of trip.  So not so bad... nothing too daunting and of course my mom and sister were there too... leaping into the back of the car to retrieve toys and suck sucks (what we call soothers over here).

Overall I would say it was a huge success... I mean I was honestly quite nervous a couple of months ago thinking about this first night away from Andrew and the first night where they slept somewhere that was not home.  A while back a friend asked me what I was scared of and that question killed the jitters because really... worse case scenario... I would be up all night and my mom or sister or both would be up too... nothing I couldn't handle.  So I avoided becoming some stressball and had a great time.  And so did everyone else.

We were only gone for one night so it was quite the whirlwind.  On the way down the girls slept for the first two hours and then we stopped so I could breastfeed them in the parking lot of a McDonalds... pretty nice parking lot I have to say... and change them in the back of my car.  Once back in the car they weren't exactly pleased but thankfully I'd bought a bunch of new but cheap-ish toys to wow them with... okay they weren't wowed but Nan (my mom) hopped back there a few times to perk them up.  We were staying with my Aunt and Uncle and when we arrived they were already at the shower (which we knew) so we got dressed, got babies dressed and booked it to the hall.

I wish I had a photo of Alice when we entered the hall.

I am pretty sure she thought that everyone was there for her.... you know... her one baby show.... she was euphoric.

it was hilarious

the shower was lovely and my cousin (the then mommy-to-be ... but now new mommy) was uber pregnant and of course had me privately reminiscing about my giant belly that I had a year ago.

Stephanie took the girls for a walk after we fed them lunch... in her heels of course.

apparently her shoes are called fluevogs

apparently they are the thing in her hometown... vancouver

they were quite the conversation piece

We had the girls fussed up for the shower but they are dressed down in these pics.

That night we stuck to their normal bed time routine.  We headed to the park for a swing, we headed home for dinner, we had bath time and then they fell asleep in side-by-side playpens, in a room they had never been in before.

Then it was time for wine.  more wine.  and some takeout spaghetti and meatballs... amazing.

by the end of the night (which for me was 10pm)  (I get up at 5 okay... 5!) I was exhausted but the good kind... like the this was wayyy easier than I'd thought kind.

The next day we hit up the park before heading home...

they love the swing.... love it

it was so nice to spend time with family... even though it was fleeting

the girls did so so well.

so well in fact that my mind was wandering to thoughts of having another...

yeah maybe I'd had a couple of glasses of wine at this point...

either way....

we had a great trip!


  1. Wow, traveling without Hubby and with two babies is very daring!

    I am glad they did so well for you!

    I love your dress for the shower!!!!

  2. I am in love with your yellow skirt.
    But I am mostly loving the piggies in the sand.
    The girls look like a spider in the swing - sooo cute!!
    What a nice girls only adventure!! I agree you are brave..VERY brave!!
    But I have no doubt they were spectacular for you.
    You are very lucky!!

    Next up..camping??? :)

  3. love love love your shower outfit! Oh, and the red dress too! It kind of looks like Stephanie's shoes match your shower outfit???
    Glad you had such a good time. It's pretty surprising how adaptable babies can be! I was sure it was going to be a disaster taking our two to Florida, which is a 3 hour time difference, but within a day they were back to their normal schedule!

  4. Congratulations!! And your shower outfit and little coral dress are SO amazing...were you shopping in your close or actually shopping??

  5. all I have to say is it was a matter of time before the sheer stylish magnetism of Fluevog made the blog, and I am both delighted and relieved that that day has come.
    Amanda- yeah, I noticed the matchy-match with Ashley's skirt and the Flues! She knows they're at her disposal, anytime she wants...
    the girls were such a dream that weekend! they're both so happy, its inspiring.

  6. Ashley- You look WONDERFUL and never in a million years would I know that you had twins less than a year ago.


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