adventures in eating dirt and staying up late... (camping at presquile provincial park with babies)

I kind of feel like I won a gold medal... that is how satisfying it is to now be able to say that we four went camping, survived and definitely had some good laughs together.  If someone would have asked me at 7pm that first night how things were going... I would have likely said.... can't you hear how they are going.... whose idea was this? (it was mine of course)  But come 9pm that same night... when I had a beer in hand and two sleeping babies in the tent... different response altogether.  We just had to adjust our expectations that's all.  Apparently putting a child (or two) to bed at 7pm in a tent full of daylight just does not work (who'd of thought!).

The girls loved it and were actually quite amazing the whole time (once we got that whole bedtime thing figured out).  A few things we learned during this trip...

1 - be prepared for your baby (or two) to stay up until it is dark which is likely way later then they normally stay up
2 - be prepared for zero or close to zero baby free time... at home I live for 7pm.... I mean I love our girls... love love love them... but I need 7pm... need it
3 - be prepared for your child (or two) to eat dirt... literally they will eat it like it's a meal and dare you to stop them with their little expressions
4 - same as 3 but replace dirt with sand
5 - be prepared for them to bring the beach home (which in this case is your tent)... so instead strip off that bathing suit and bring them to the showers or lake or something wet before your tent is turned into a sandbox
6 - be prepared for bugs and bugs wanting to get at your baby(ies).  We bought screened netting that fits over strollers and playpens... amazing.
7 - be prepared to temporarily trade in your cloth diapers for disposables (unless you want to a) hand wash them yourself gag or b) have a huge stash of cloth options and can go three nights without washing)
8 - buy a giant van (or borrow one like we did (thanks mom & dad!)) because you will need gear, gear and more gear (well if you like to camp like I do)
9 - be prepared to feel like you're running a bit of a marathon because when camping there is always something to do... just don't get distracted and do stupid stuff... like say... lean an open coffee container in a diaper bag containing your precious camera... and then try to turn the camera on and realize you just made a very expensive mistake
10 - be prepared for your child (or two) to love camping, to squeal when they tear around the tent and to look at you confused when you try to feed them dinner in a house instead of outside.

our setup

we're not high maintenance campers at all

six person tent... not quite cutting it... try breastfeeding in this beauty at 2am and then having to move the once again sleeping baby back into the playpen

we're still loving our inglesina hook on chairs... definite must for camping

the first couple of days we let them have a free-for-all in the screened in room on the tarp... by the end of the days their knees, faces and hands were black... we got smarter the next day and hauled the playpens in here during the day for them to play in

our resident chef

i wish this picture could have been clearer (damn me for ruining the good camera!!) it was an adorable moment.  sleeping baby + sleeping daddy

netting over stroller... must unless you want to actually spray your child with bugspray... which I'm just not cool with

at the beach... the sand tastes wonderful... apparently

loved this beach!

on a walk to a lighthouse

love this

clothes at the beach are highly overrated

We loved it.  Presquile is a beautiful spot which we will definitely return to next year.

Bonus lesson - if you are a family of four with two babies in playpens buy a 12 person tent.  Our 6 person... just wasn't cutting it!

Happy Camping!